Monday, December 15, 2008

Whats wrong with this Sparrow?

Howdee all,
I am posting this for

This is my first posting for Bird Photography weekly..I am no photographer by any means..I just use a simple point and shoot thru a homemade digascoping setup.
I was looking for rules on posting..but didn't find I guess I can submit my humble offerings...tee hee...
When first saw this little chipper..we thought that the feathers were being blown by the wind...but the more I looked...something was not right...Is it a tumor, tick?

The below video is for you Dellare, Sorry but I didnt get the bluebirds yet..
The waxwings in your yard on a gloomy day will have to do for now..


  1. Is it molting? I have never seen a more perfect circle on the center of a sparrows chest before.

  2. It looks like a tumor when I enlarged the photo. Poor little guy!

  3. Hey Dawn,

    Nice photo!

    BTW...not sure if this is the correct way to do this, but you've been TAGGED for "Six Random Things Meme", come on over to:

  4. Poor bird. I have seen my share of birds having such a disease.

  5. It does look like its lost some feathers there and has some sort of disease. Do you see it everyday? It still may have a good long life.

  6. Poor little birdie. I hope it's nothing serious. I can't see the video it says it's no longer available. I'll check it out later.

  7. I wonder if it's a shot-gun pellet... If so, and in that it doesn't appear to be all that well-seated, perhaps it would fall out and the bird would heal.

    Assuming it doesn't die of lead poisoning! [sigh]

    Lovely blog you have here! I'm glad I stopped by.

  8. poor little baby... looks like a tick to me.. those pesky buggers... i will try to get back to the TAG YOU'RE IT stuff when i get a chance.. thanks for tagging me.. gotta find time to think of 6 things about myself... but i will..

  9. Welcome to BPW. Cut little chipper. That is a very weird little spot on its chest.

  10. Weird spot. Could it be he pecked the feathers away?

    I love the birds too!


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