Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day with the Simmons Clan

HOWdee all,

We have been having a great time in Connecticut visiting with my Family. We drove up from North Carolina in the car...left our nice Homey in North Carolina.

Anyway Jeff, my sister Adele and my fur ball kittie and I are here at my parents home for a few more days before heading south again .
Back to our Homey on wheels...and South for the winter,
Where we will beach comb, bird and have a grand ole time.

Jeff and me

The livingroom gets full when packed with our family.

some computer gaming

from left top tara...sister Tammy
second row..Sister Lori, Nephews wife Missy
third and bottom row..sister Adele and brothers wife Barbara

Four missing(she is in Montana)
Tammy, Adele, Me, Lori


Natural Moments said...

Looks like you have a big family. I just have one sister in the Bay Area in CA and the rest of my relatives besides my parents live in europe. I hope it was a fun Holiday gettaway for the both of you.

Happy New Year and Happy New Day Everyday.

Kallen305 said...

Love your shirt Dawn. It looks so pretty on you.

You have a lovely family and I am so happy the New England weather was kind to you.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year and safe travels South!

Tink said...

Good times!

lusia said...

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Shellmo said...

I love the top you're wearing too! Looks like you had a big gang to celebrate the holidays with - fun!

rayearth2601 said...

great family photo...
very nice mom...


Alan said...

Hey Dawn,

Great looking family you have there! Don't party too hard over New Years, LOL!

dAwN said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments..I am very lucky...I do have a great family

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