Saturday, December 06, 2008

Holiday Seasons Greetings, Do You Decorate?

Howdee all,

Happy Holiday season...
I really enjoy the beautiful decorations of the season. Today we went to Southern Pines for the
Christmas Parade. We had a grand time. Lots of good bands, floats and the normal parade type stuff. We strolled around after the parade looking at the decorations. I took these pictures at one of my favorite shops called A Wild Hare.
They always do a bang up job with decor.

look at the store front windows....

and their cool cabbagey , carroty, tree any bunny would love.

When I was a little girl my sisters and I saved the money we made from delivering newspapers to buy decorations after Christmas when they went on sale. I still have some of the decorations. I think they are antiques now..tee hee..

When I had my last fixed foundation I would spend a few days decorating. My husband and our daughter are Jewish so they were not as in to the decorating scene as I was. But they enjoyed how festive everything looked. I still have a picture our daughter made of the festive Holiday season ..with the fireplace glowing.

Maybe in a future post I will show a few photos of our last home decorated for Christmas.

When we first started motorhoming I boxed up some of my favorite decorations.
I decorated for a few years. Lately we have been spending November at my sisters in North Carolina and then we make the drive in our car back to CT to spend Christmas with mom, dad and the rest of the family.

So.. i haven't decorated that much the past few years. Last year I decided that lugging around a big box of decorations that I only used once a year...sometimes not at all, was not practical. We could use the storage for other things. So now I will rely on nature and a few rope lights I still have. I will bring in some Holly with berries and some nice smelling herbs and pine greens that I pick from my sisters garden.
Do You Decorate?

How do you decorate for the Holiday?
Do you use allot of decorative lighting? Read this post at the Huffington.
Should we all be conserving? Homeowners, shop owners, business?

That's all for now...
Whatever Holiday you Celebrate..
I hope its a merry, peaceful and filled with love.

Happy Holidays


  1. I love the photos. The veggie tree is simply adorable!

  2. What an interesting life you lead - Travels with Charley is one of my favorite books and I've often thought that this would be a fun way to see the country.

  3. What pretty Christmas decorations.

  4. I have to admit I've become more of a scrooge, or maybe it's laziness, about decorating for Christmas. I love sending personalized cards and finding that perfect gift for Donald and others, but after decking the halls, and everything else in between of the B&B for years as a Christmas Wonderland, it's been a relief not to have to do all that. Deciding to close for the winters and migrate to the Southwest before Christmas for the last couple of years has certainly made a change in how we approach Christmas; simply and without stress. And of course, if you must shop, nothing beats shopping in 70 degree weather.

  5. I really love the pics, especially the veggie tree. and thanks so much for all of your help. I hope you dont go out of your way! I've been taking your advice and I had one more follower immediately after -- I was so excited. I am also looking at all of your blogs and they're so great. I'm trying to get other people to write their views or thoughts or articles about Obama on my blog. For example, the boy Andy who wrote something has shown all of his friends which is really great publicity, you know?

    Thanks so much for your help! Really, thank you!!!


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