Tuesday, December 09, 2008

They dont make them like this anymore

Howdee all,
This is my sisters husband Craigys truck. He is in the process of fixing it up. I am amazed at all the metal...no plastic parts.
Maybe we should all by old used cars and fix them up... I was reading somewhere that if you add everything up..cost..environmental impact, etc. It is better to buy used then to buy a new Hybrid car.
Something to think about.


  1. You're right Dawn they do not make them like that anymore. I once picked up the radio knob for my husband's '67 Oldsmobile and I think it weighed more then the whole radio in a new car.

  2. Great that he's keeping that old truck going. Like the photos!

  3. you're so right. fixing up old things is better than buying new. now all that old truck needs is a biodiesel retrofit!

    (btw, love the blog!)

  4. i think it has character
    better to use,instead of trash and pollute our earth


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