Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Christmas music download at

Howdee All,
Oprah is giving away free Christmas music....for the next 48 hours you can go to her site and download the music..
I just did and am listening to them as we speak.

Click on the Picture above to go and download...


Butterfly Garden Freak said...

Sweet! Thanks for the heads up... listening as we speak! how did you make it so that the pic was what you clicked to bring up the site?

dAwN said...

Butterfly Garden Freak...just highlight like u do text and use the link button

Kim Carney said...

I saw that yesterday on O ... (I am home this week so can watch) but thought they wouldnt be there because I thought it was a repeat show .. ;) Thanks!

Hotels Limassol Cyprus said...

I wonder if the do the same thing this year

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