Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some birding and Weymouth Woods

My stuffed the front window. The one on the left I bought after my Nobbie passed away..I put his collar on the kittie..and it reminds me of his sweetness. The black ball looks so much like my Ballie cat....My sister Lori found him on Etsy...and I fell in love...I wanted him badly....i went to buy him and he was sold...but luckily my sneeky sister Adele bought him out from under me...and then gave the cute little critter to me....I am so lucky....tee hee

Howdee all,

Today we didnt get out until the afternoon. I did a little digascoping from the Motorhome. I dont think going through glass is a great idea for clarity and focusing but I did take a video of a Carolina Wren and Jeff took the Bluebird picture above.

We decided to go to Weymouth Woods since we havent been yet ..on this visit to the area.
We started birding at the parking lot and saw the Red cockaded woodpecker

We had a nice walk.....saw a few birdies...the woods were full of robins.
I took a few pictures of bark...because I love bark...and these were very cool..
and the moss was so green against the brown for the shroom...well isnt it gorgeous!

okey doke...thats all for now...
catcha later


  1. Oh what a lucky girl you are to have such cute faux kitties.

  2. Love the stuffed kitties. As for the bark you are right such beauty if you look close. And....the birds are darling! It is a wonder that their beaks can withstand all that pecking. Love Chicky

  3. Love the stuffed kitties you have. Aweseome photos. You are so fortunate to be able to see all those different types of birds. What a cool woodpecker!

  4. very nice pics you took dawn... i love the trees looking so sparse.. like you can hear every single noise in the woods... your kitties are cute too!

  5. Cute kitties. That was very nice of Del to get it for you.. They look adorable sitting up there. What does Ballie think about them?

  6. Oooohh...I love the close-up bark photos. Lovely place you visited.

  7. Red-cockaded Woodpecker would be a greatfind for me.Nice photos/video!

  8. Lovely pictures, A beautiful little Wren capture!


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