Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birds and Cat rule around the garden

Howdee all,

Ballie Loves to go for walks when the weather is warm...and the past two days in NC have been nice and toasty. Isn't he a cutie? I only let Ballie out on a he takes me for a walk...I can sometimes coax him to follow me...but for the most part he is the leader...and when he wants to stop...we stop.
He loves to listen and look.

and that makes me stop and listen...and look...
which is nice...

Many days here in NC I wear PJ's all day...Love to work in the garden in PJ's...and no they are not sexy PJ's....just wonderful flannels.
I also love to walk around in my plastic shoes.....i can wear them with my socks and my slippers on...note the slippers with the little jewel...tee hee..

So I leave you with a Birdie video below...Dellare wanted me to take a bluebird video...because I told her the bluebirds are all over the house and front garden in the morning...but alas I haven't seen them this is going to have to do for now...

Check out the titmouse...he does some acrobatics...cute...

See ya later ...


  1. Dear Dawn,
    It is so good to meet you.
    I love the slippers!
    The video would not play for me...darn it!
    I will come back later.
    Looking forward to reading your journal and getting to know you.

  2. I've got two pups that strongly disagree and object to the title of this blog. The video was nice but I still want to see the bluebirds

  3. Nice pictures of the adorable kitty!! I too love to lounge around in pajama pants. They are sooo comfy.

  4. I agree with Adele, I want to see some bluebirds. Actually I loved seeing the chickadee on the feeder. I wonder why! Heehee!

  5. Dear Dawn,
    So happy to be able to see your video. The Brown Headed Nuthatch is darling. We do not have them here in Missouri. Nice to see them in your backyard!

  6. Very cute kitty! Loved seeing that titmouse do somersaults on that perch!

  7. I'm so glad to have found your blog. I'll look forward to following it.

  8. Baillie is such a sweet looking cat!!!!


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