Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday Greenery Decorations

Howdee all,

So today I decided we needed a little Holiday cheer around the Homey and next door at my sisters. So I walked around a clipped some Rosemary, Pine, Holly, pine cones and a few hickory nuts to make some decorations.
I started out by making the wreath below...I had to use some of the thousands of hickory nuts around here so I hot glued a few on.

I added a few Holly sprigs and some Rosemary to the front Urns.
Note the small Hickory nut wreaths around the Urn top...I have to find more uses for these darn things that are every where here.

Then I went inside my sisters home and made a few arrangements there.

The I went to my Homey and added a little greenery here

and here

and there.

So now I feel festive and the Homey smells wonderful with the Rosemary.
And the best thing about it...Totally free and fun


  1. Dawn, you are so creative and crafty!! I love the smell of rosemary so I can only imagine how wonderful your homey smells right now.

    Very pretty.

  2. They all look wonderful to me!

  3. Cool and very creative.. Nice job!

  4. Well done! You've inspired me to go clip a few holly branches out back...

  5. Wow, your crafty-ness is impressive! I love having green-ness in the house. All of my houseplants just up and gave up (their leaves fell off- gosh darn it!) so now the only green we have is the Christmas tree!

  6. You have won an award go to to pick it up

  7. i think you have found your calling dawn... what a great great idea and you are so talented... nice job! wanna come by my house and put one on my porch? lol xo


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