Saturday, December 06, 2008

My blog on CNN...what?? yes CNN europe

Howdee all,

Yep thats the heck did that happen?
I use feedjit to see how people are getting to my blog. I was very curious when the past few days I have seen people coming from CNN. So I began my sleuth investigation. I clicked on the CNN link they were coming from.

Yikes...that's a pretty awful page to be coming from. The worlds killing fields...which I do suggest you read. It is sad that this is happening as we speak, blog etc.

I couldnt find my blog so I forgot about it...until a few more people got to my blog via CNN.
Then I looked a little more..
Under the Genocide map...

I clicked on From the blogs...
waited for it to load up and
there I was...

Yesterday I was first blog in line...this time I am second...
maybe in a day or two I wont be there anymore.

How the heck did i get here???
Any Ideas?

Hey chicky...are you able to get a print screen of the whole page? I cant on my little lappy...wont all fit in...


  1. ¡Hola!
    Finally got some time to visit you and enjoy your blog.
    I think they might have searched by key words like 'field' for example...
    Anyway, it is great!!
    Let us know if you solve the mystery!
    Love from Peru,

  2. How cool is that!! I would be interested too if you can solve the mystery. Keep us posted please.

  3. thumbs up to ya!

    yoooou classified, under wraps, mysterious and hidden source you are!.....[cracking up} about cnn and their CONNECTIONS...[still cracking up}

    congradualtions on being somehow cnn's "Point of Supply!"

    how cool is that!

  4. I am not a fan of Neoworx or Feedjit as I found out they use all the statistics collected from you and anyone who visits your blog and uses them to sell for advertising purposes. Read the privacy terms for any of the ones you have on your blog and see what they collect to sell that you are providing..

  5. I knew there was something fishy about a couple that traveled around in the "homey" taking photos, posting criptic messages online, and the such. Lets take a deeper look.... "check here to see if any rare birdies are in your area"? Yep, sounds like spy talk to me!



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