Monday, December 01, 2008

Morning stroll, around the yard, geese, and the moon with Jupiter and venus...

Howdee all,
Today was a chilly, breezy day...but nice and sunny... Went for a walk at Reservoir park in Whispering pines with Adele and the Pups.
We saw alot of Canada Geese, Mallards and one Ring-necked duck.
The picture below is still not positively identified by us...We saw these geese later in the day in a small pond in Carthage. They are either Greater white fronted geese or Graylag (barnyard) geese. Anyone know?
Oh..update.. it was confirmed that these are the Greater white thanks to The Drinking Bird. for the quick id.
There were also a few Hooded mergansers there.

We took this picture tonight...very cool ..
the moon venus and jupiter..wont be in this position for another 44 years.

click on the thumbnail if you want to go to webshots to see the videos and photos there

Image hosted by
by dawnjeffprodigynet

or below is a little video slide show of our day......


  1. Love the pictures. Especially the first one that shows all of the that lovely green. Gosh how I miss that right about now.

  2. I gave your blog the Butterfly Award because I thought it was so unusual as well as informative. This one makes me wish I could get in a RV and travel across the country for awhile.

  3. Kallen305...Yeah in north carolina we still see green grass. And some good birdies too.

    Appalachian Lady...Thanks so much for the award...My first..I will read your directions and add it to my blog...
    thanks again...

  4. I remember that place. It was lovely when Zoe wasn't freaking out.. How long is the whole walk?

  5. I think the walk is a little over two miles.


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