Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Too much partying before New Years Eve and what the heck is this white stuff!

HOwdee all
Its not yet time for our New Years Eve celebration...and we are all tired and napping...
I guess that happens we you are fifty...or nearly fifty plus...and eat too much and play to much.

Check out my father and the his dog sleeping on him....She is not a small dog.

And what the blinking blazes is this all about! I guess with all our visiting with family we weren't prepared for this darn snowy white stuff, and the darn blowing wind chill.....Yikes! is pretty, I grew up in this pretty. I guess, coming from the warmth of North Carolina where we were for the past month.....we are being big babies...and my sister and I are whining about the cold...wondering what the heck we are doing up here in New England...tee hee..

We are going to Sister Loris for New Years party tonight...if we aren't snowed in.

Heading south tomorrow...A quick stop in NYC to have lunch with our daughter...then high tail it south to some warmer weather...Jeff and I will be in Palm Beach area on Sunday!
We will be on the road tomorrow...
To my Bloggy Friends
I wish you all a Happy, Healthy,Prosperous, Wonderful New Year!


  1. You were very sneaky. I had no idea you took our pictures.. That was a nice little nap. I don't like this white stuff either and also took some pictures of it. See you tonight!

  2. Palm Beach, sure why don't you rub it in. HA! I am stuck here in New England while you are soaking up the rays. ;o)

    Have fun at your party tonight and Happy New Year!

  3. I'll trade you some of our winter rain for some of your snow. :)

  4. Yikes that's not a dog it's a calf! Your home is lovely.

  5. I love all that snow and equally love driving south out of it. We too went north for Christmas. Now we're home where I took my afternoon recover from New Year's nap out in the sunshine.
    Drive carefully and enjoy a delightful New Year.

  6. This is sweet. It is always good to ga back to parents home and to relax, isn't it? And the dog...well, she is so cool. Happy New Year!

  7. Oh my, it does sound appealing, especially the Florida part after looking at those beautiful, but cold looking, snowy pictures. Its -10 Celsius here this morning and its white outside! Enjoy your drive!

  8. Wait! Wait! Don't go! You forgot me! lol!

    How nice that you were able to spend a little time in our freezing cold part of the world. I can hardly believe you would ever want to leave.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog Dawn, and adding me to your blog roll. So nice to meet you : )


  9. Have you thawed out yet? You must almost be there. From icicles to beach bums in no time......
    Happy New Year


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