Friday, December 12, 2008

A tail of two dogs

I hate that some people don't care about animals!
Here in NC at my sisters home....they have had several dogs and cats dropped off in front of their home. She once saw someone kick a dog out of the car right in front of her house....the dog tried to get back in the car. The car took off...the dog wandered off.

My sister and her husband took a few animals to the nearby shelter....two were euthanized.
My Sister has two dogs and a cat...she doesn't need another pet.
My husband and I travel with one cat and our lifestyle doesn't call for another pet at this time.

So this morning when a small black lab mix puppy shows up in the yard we were not happy.
Why would someone dump off a little puppy?
How can they have an animal for a few months and want to get rid of it? I just don't understand.
Well I could go on and on with my anger....and then this blog would never end.

What a sweet little dog. My sisters dogs were barking allot from behind the fenced in didn't seem to faze this little pup. She wanted in...she wanted human touch , petting and she wanted food.
I wanted her not to go into the road...i wanted her not to wander and starve.

So I fed her. I knew I was going to bring her to the Humane Society...but it was 9 am and they didnt open until 12. I tried putting a collar and leash on her and she bucked like a bronco... she didnt seem to know what it was, must have been kenneled?
She settled down, cowered and ate the rest of her meal,,,I made a small bed outside,covered her with a blanket and she fell asleep for almost two hours...

It was twelve...I wrapped her up and carried her to the car in a blanket...we took her to the Humane Society..hoping against hope that she would find a home. When I had called they told me there was no room at the Inn ,so to speak.but they would worm her give her shots and we could then find another place to bring her...

Did you know that the least adoptable pets are black? My sister told me that.
They told us that at the Humane Society.

We filled out the paperwork....

In the process a gentleman came in to pick up Jake, a small three year old dog he had chosen a few days prior.
I started talking about what happened , how sweet this little puppy calm she was.... he seemed interested.

But he was there to pick up another dog...I think he was conflicted.
He heard the conversation we were having with staff....they had no room...we would have to bring the dog dogs arent as desireable....yes she was sweet...but...

He then said he would take this little black puppy...and not take Jake.
He said he knows the statistics...he knows that black pets don't get adopted often...most likely this little puppy would be euthanized. He wanted to save her. She wasn't the small dog he wanted but...he would take her.
Jake would have a better chance of being adopted.

At that moment a woman came in wanting to see Jake....she knew of him and wanted to see if Jake would get along with her two other rescue dogs she brought with her...
He did.

Wow ..what a wonderful moment.....What wonderful people...

Jake has a new home.

Black, less desirable, puppy has a new home.

We are thrilled


  1. Such a nice ending for a sad beginning. Love Chicky

  2. Bless you for helping this adorable little pup. I hate people who do this. It is so cruel!!

    I am glad there is a happy ending to this. What an adorable little puppy.

  3. Wow! Thanks, what a great start my day but with a heart warming story like this! So glad all worked out! We will never understand the minds of those that open a car door and shove out an animal, esp, one they chose to rear..grrrr can't say any more..Bless you for helping!
    A nice Christmas present you gave to this little black dog! :)

  4. Wow what a great ending to a sad story. I never knew that black animals were not as desirable as other colors. I wonder why? Thanks for helping him get a good home..

  5. An infuriately incident with a happy ending!

  6. What a sweet story--the gentleman you speak of was a genuine dog lover. The little guy is lucky to have him as an owner.

  7. I've never understood how people can abandon an animal like that.

    Thank goodness there were so many wonderful people involved in his rescue. Kudos to all of them, and especially to you.

  8. Wow! What a happy ending to such an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm so glad there was a happy ending! I get so upset at these dumped off animals - where is the humanity & compassion in people for these beautiful living creatures? Like you I could go on and on....

  10. I wonder why black dogs are less desirable - I love black dogs. We had a black lab once, and he was a great dog. Nice to know there was a happy outcome for both Jake and the puppy. I hope they have a good life. Our thirteen year old dog (not a lab) came from the pound. We adopted her when she was a pup, and she has the sweetest disposition of any dog I've ever known. Good article.

  11. I've known the little black dogs new owner since he had baby teeth and he is a wonderful guy. I've just met the little dog and she's as sweet as she can be. They're lucky to have each other

  12. I've known the little black dogs new owner since he had baby teeth and he is a wonderful guy. I've just met the little dog and she's as sweet as she can be. They're lucky to have each other

  13. I have never heard that about black dogs. I love my Humane Society black pup. She's a cutie pie and I love her coat.

  14. Thank you so much for taking the time and having such a warm heart. I have had 2 black cats for the same reason, they were unwanted. People are so superstitious. It is silly.

  15. dawn - you know all too well how i feel about animals.. and dogs especially.. you did such a wonderful thing bringing that baby over there and the angels that adopted her are WONDERFUL! glad to hear that this story ended in such a good way, i was getting nervous as i was reading.. YEAH FOR THE ADORABLE LITTLE BLACK BABY!

  16. and to the dirtbags that booted that puppy out of the car, i wish them NOTHING short of shitty luck for 2009... they don't deserve good things... they are heartless "human beings"...

  17. Dawn, I'm very glad that your story of black puppy and Jake ended happily. Yes, black dogs are the least likely to be rescued. I'm not sure why either?? Three of my four rescue dogs are black (4th is a beagle stray), and we also rescued a black stray cat last December. I couldn't love them any more if they were white, or brown, or pink :) Thanks for sharing your story.


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