Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby its cold outside!

Howdee all,

As a native New Englander I always thought that I would love the winters. I used to adore cross country skiing and other snow activities. Dreamed of a white Christmas......
When we first started full time living in our motor home we carried cross country skis.
We no longer carry our Skis with us.
We found out our motor home doesn't do the best in cold conditions...condensation..bit of ice building up in the corners of the slide rooms....hence the little cartoon i drew of us and our kitties snuggled in bed. Burrrrrrrrrrrr.
I also have found that since we are able to move our home where we want it...that i prefer to go somewhere that is warmer ..somewhere where I could be outside all day if i want and not be uncomfortable.
We don't always choose the warmest places. We love birding in Southern Arizona and it can be chilly in the winters...and yes we have had snow there!
We love to hike and bird and recently bought ourselves a nice Scope for birding..
This year after visiting with family... We will Spend our winter in Florida, birding,hiking and beach combing.
But until then we are in Connecticut until new years day.

So here we are...it is Lovely...BUT
Baby its cold outside!


  1. Makes me cold just looking at it! It's really turning cold down here in Florida too. 69 right now. I had to wear a jacket to work this morning. But come on down anyway, can't be as cold as it is up there.

    Be safe,

  2. Dawn & Jeff, Get out of there fast. I'm with you. As much as I enjoy living and growing up in New England, I'm so glad we can "get out of Dodge" for the winter months. It's so much nicer to watch 10" of snow on TV from sunny Tucson...
    Happy New Year. Enjoy Florida when you get there.

  3. When you get back to Arizona you will have this contrasting experience to make you feel all the more at home.

    Cute Cartoon. I like the little lake. Looks peaceful.

  4. Lovely photos. I hate winter now that I am older. I don't have the patience for it and it keeps me in the house which I dislike.

  5. Brrrr. it only got up to 75 here in the Texas mountains today.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Christmas in Connecticut sounds romantic, but I'd be headed south long before then. Nice photos. Have a great New Year!

  7. I do like the winter until about the end of January - then I'm dreaming of the beach! Can't wait to hear about your birdy adventures in florida. And that cartoon you drew is great - you should frame it!

  8. This is tink coming to you from tinkyspinky. It sure is cold here. You are lucky to travel to all the warm places in the United states.

  9. Dawn,

    I find that as years pass, I dislike cold, especially high winds... A decade or two ago, I braved anything - suited up with the kids and shoveled my way through the white stuff.

    I experienced Maryland/Delaware winters but nothing like New England!

    Funny...now I'm here in Charlotte when today was 65 and I'm wishing for a snowfall.

    Are we ever satisfied?


  10. That is a cute drawing of the two of you in bed, kittens to keep you warm! And what beautiful landscape pictures of Connecticut - hardly any snow at all.

  11. I am very impressed with your drawing!! You should consider selling your stuff if you don't already. You are very talented. Gosh, it does look cold! Yikes!

  12. That's a great snuggley drawing! I got cold just looking at the pictures! Have a safe trip back to the south and a happy and healthy new year!

  13. Being full timers you should be heading to Quartzite AZ for the big Rally. Love to go there spent all of Jan there last yr. But didn't like coming back in the nasty cold,snow packed weather in Bend Oregon.
    Love the photos.
    And Happy New Year

  14. ...I love your drawing. You should do more! Made me chuckle....coooolddd!!


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