Sunday, November 07, 2010

Two Bird bloggers and a Rainy Day

Howdee all,

What happens when you get two bird bloggers together on a rainy day?

First we drink Birds and Beans coffee..I brewed Scarlet Tanager for me and Chestnut sided Warbler for Kathie.

If you are at all concerned about Birds and Habitat..please drink Bird Friendly coffee.

dawn coffee

Kathie needed some help with her Windows Live Writer issues so we worked on that.

If you don’t use Windows Live Writer for blogging I suggest you try it. Free download on the link above.

We shared Ideas and information.

Check out Kathie's new blog..Kathies Birds

Kathies visit_004

We looked out the windows of Homey at the birds coming to the feeders.

Kathie was happy I pointed out the song of the White-throated sparrow, Kathie just moved back to the area from Arizona and birding here is new to her.Kathies visit_005This Grackle couple below……make me happy and sad at the same time..

They are the only Grackles here at my feeder, seems like most of the Grackles around have gone south…or somewhere else.  These two hang out together..the one in the front has a broken wing and does allot of hopping about. '

I wonder the relationship between the two…Mother taking care of a young. Young hanging out with Mother that has a broken wing, or are they a couple?

Whatever they are..I wonder if there is anything I can do to help the injured bird…Should I capture it and see if it can be helped, should I just let it alone and let nature take its course?

What are your thoughts? Kathies visit_049It was a good thing it was a rainy day…Kathie and I got allot of work done inside..If it was sunny I am sure we would have wanted to be out birding.

As it was, when we had enough of the computers..

We took an evening walk.Kathies visit_006Through the neighborhood.Kathies visit_007As the sun was setting…Kathies visit_008Kathie gets a few photos..Kathies visit_009While my baby point and shoot gets dark, blurs in the evening light.

Kathies visit_010It was a beautiful ending..Kathies visit_011To a lovely day..Kathies visit_012Kathies visit_013

Shared by Two Bird Bloggers…Kathies visit_015

Kathies visit_018


  1. Oh it does sound like a FABULOUS day! About the Grackle ..... that one pulls at the heart strings. Do you have a wild bird rescue locally? If so, you may want to seek advice from them.

  2. It's nice that Kathie had a bid blogging friend to cheer her up after her big move.I drink bird friendly coffee most of the time now. I hope the names of the bird coffees you made are in honor of the birds and not part of the ingedients!

  3. Beautiful skies! As to the injured grackle, I agree with Kerri: give the local rehab person a call to find out whether a broken wing on a grackle can be pinned (or whatever) Here in Brattleboro it's a vet who is designated to do it - with some research you should be able to find out who it is where you are. Good luck!

  4. Its definitely a new bird "lease of life" for Kathie, Dawn.

  5. Kerri
    It was a Fab day. I know of no rescue center nearby. I also hate to separate it from its buddy.

    No birds were ground in the making of the coffee..hee hee

    Still have done nothing about the Grackle..might do a bit of Googling tonight to see what i come up with.

    Yes it is a new bird lease of life for sure.

    Birding is fun
    Dangerous for sure! :)


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