Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its Raining leaves and nuts

Howdee all,

It is Autumn here in North Carolina.

The hickory leaves and nuts are falling..I love the way the leaves nestle themselves in the front of our Homey..

autumn dell and craigs_002autumn dell and craigs_003Ballie goes for walks on the harness…he likes chewing on grass.

I gave him a bath yesterday,so he looks a bit scraggly.autumn dell and craigs_006The hickory trees in the photo below have lost their leaves…can you see all the nuts still on the tree?autumn dell and craigs_009These are the Hickory's above our Homey..leaves and nuts falling now..

Sounds extremely loud from inside when a nut falls on our roof.autumn dell and craigs_010Yesterday we had hundreds of what looked like Turkey Vultures flying overhead in the thermals. I changed the contrast on the photo below so you can see just the crazy amount of birds.autumn dell and craigs_017Wish I knew what else was flying with them…autumn dell and craigs_018

One more bird added to this visits Yard list

Turkey Vultures


It was very warm and breezy yesterday…lots of Hickory nuts and leaves falling..


Its Rainling Leaves and nuts.


  1. Nice fall post--our hickory trees lost their leaves a few weeks ago. I raked up the nuts as they tend to trip me up. I love watching the squirrels bury them.

  2. Your title caught my eye. It's raining leaves and nuts here too!

  3. Lucky you. We had summer till Tuesday, and now it's 20 degrees. We've got an entire tree that was supposed to turn yellow, but it never got a chance, and now the ground beneath it is filled with freeze-dried leaves. It ain't right. I'm going to figure out a way to blame the Republicans.

  4. Enjoyed your post. I love hickory trees and love to pick up the nuts but find them too much effort to crack. I am going to have to wait until I get back home to look at your video - have a very slow broadband connection where I am at. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Dawn.

  5. Appalachian Lady
    Talk about tripping up..yeah i have to be so careful walking around. My sicksta filled up five barrels of hickory nuts before we arrived...I think there are at least six barrels full on the ground. I sure wish the squirrels would take them all..time to make some hickory nut tea I think.

    Karen and Al sure is raining leaves..though I think its slowing down..still lots of nut to fall. Thanks for stopping by.

    Murr Brewster
    I am sure it was the Republicans..and i am sure you can find out why they turned on the cold to soon. Thanks for visiting my blog..Your blog is always so funny! You have an amazing writing talent!

    Hilke Breder
    Hilke..i know what you mean about cracking hickory nuts..very time consuming to get the meats out of the nut when cracked. My grandfather used the hickory nuts to put in his fudge..there is nothing like it..wonderful..also fun to make hickory nut tea.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. My oak trees are naked,
    My maples are bare,
    the cold wind is blowing
    from I-don't-know where!
    Soon snow will be falling
    on me and the trees,
    If I had any brains,
    I'd flee with the leaves!
    ~Kathiesbirds 11-29-10

  7. Kathie..
    that was a wonderful poem!
    thanks for sharing!


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