Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ruby-crowned Kinglet shows its ruby

Howdee all,

I took this video 2 years ago, November, when visiting my sister in North Carolina.

We leave Wednesday to head south for the winter…I wonder if my little Ruby headed friend will be there.

Check out the video to see how much the Ruby head shows…

Ruby Crowned Kinglet Pecks on my Motorhome window


We have reflective windows on the Motor home…so…this is not the only bird that has pecked at our windows. We have had Chickadees, Cardinals, Robins, and Downy Woodpeckers.

The last November we were in NC we also had flocks of Robins and Cedar Waxwings pooping Holly berries all over the top of the motorhome. This time we are prepared. We bought a few tarps to put on the roof. Hopefully that will make an easier cleanup.

It has been a nice summer and fall in New England…but we are now ready to head Souther….to the warm. Smile

See you soon North Carolina…Sicsksta and family….looking forward to seeing you again


  1. So cool to see so much of his crown. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely Dawn,
    Your a great producer.
    Real good show with the cat
    on the other side.
    Congrats on that one :-)

  3. It is not very often that you get to enjoy that much ruby display! I know an AZ birder that has never seen the ruby crown in his 35 years of birding. Poor guy! In my Boise neighborhood, we had one little Ruby-Crowned Kinglet that was a genetic mutant. It had a permanent ruby colored mowhawk. It stayed in the area all winter and was easily recognizable. I admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for those little RC Kings.

  4. that's a really big ruby! You must have been so excited (your kitty seems to be enjoying the sight too)! I've never seen that much of a display...

  5. I have seen these birds but never had the red crown displayed! SUPER video!!

  6. Cute! The RC Kinglets in my area have been showing a lot of red lately--they're quite excited about something, I have no idea what!

  7. Fabulous, Dawn! I've seen a lot of Ruby-crowned Kinglets but never with that gorgeous disply of red for such a long time. Those little birds are always a delight to observe. Love the video! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Big on the 'cute' factor there. I had a Gold-crowned Kinglet in my living room last week after a windwo strike. It was a darling, feisty little fella. Like your video music choice very much.

  9. Bosque Bill
    Thanks Bill..I am looking forward to seeing this cute bird again.

    Thanks:) My cat loved the show.

    Birding is Fun! sure was a treat to see the ruby!

    Yes..we were very lucky to see that display..front row seats!

    thanks tweetie..hope you get to see this ruby treat someday!

    Hee hee..i wonder what has them showing their Ruby? Have you been offering them special treats?

    Julie G.
    Thanks so much Julie..We sure had great seats watching this display..hope to see this one again.

    Robin Robinson.
    Thanks so much...How long did you entertain your Ruby crowned visitor?


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