Friday, November 26, 2010

Brown-headed Nuthatch tapping on our window

Howdee all,

Remember the Ruby-crowned Kinglet a few days ago who came tapping at our bedroom window? If you want to see a big Ruby on the Kinglet you must check out the video.

We have a new bird tapping at our window…

Brown-headed Nuthatch

Wasn’t that a silly bird?

Our Motorhome has reflective windows and this happens quite a bit.

I wonder what bird will come tapping at our window next…


In the meantime…..

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  1. Lucky you! I have never seen a Brown-headed Nuthatch until I viewed your video. A real cutie!

  2. OMG that's too cute! I wonder what the heck he was trying to do? lol I've never gotten that close to a Nuthatch. I spook them off too easily.

  3. Very cute, Dawn! The nuthatches are fun birds to watch.

  4. Music was a good match for the video. That'll put a smile on your face :)

  5. Nice video. The nuthatch may be fighting off its competitor in the mirror.

  6. So cute! Can you send one to me? I need this species on my life list!

  7. I love nuthatches and have never seen a brown-headed one. The video is great.

  8. What a fun video! He obviously thought there was something interesting just on the other side of that window. I've seen my second nuthatch species this season, the red-breasted. A brown-headed would be a nice addition!

  9. Love the video! Too cute!
    Happy Thanksgiving hope you ate well!

  10. I've never seen one of these cuties in person! LOVE the video! you chose PERFECT music for it too!

  11. Thanks friends...
    Glad you enjoyed the Nuthatch video!
    I appreciate all of your kind comments!

    Kathie..come here to NC..lots of Brown-headed nuthatchs!


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