Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bird lovers…Did you see this?

Howdee all,

Just a reminder that my post is up at

Featured Bird Blogger of the Week

I think some of you know this blogger..


Coming up…

I will feature a different blogger every Friday.  I wont always feature those blogs that are strictly birds. I may feature a blogger who blogs are about other things and I will feature Bird posts from that blog…I need at least six birdie posts for each blogger I highlight.

If you have a favorite post or a favorite Blogger..(must be bird related)

Let me know…I will most certainly consider it.

In the meantime..go over and see the Featured blogger, say hello and I will see you in cyberspace..or maybe if our paths meet…on the Birding Trail.


  1. Great post and feature. This image has caught my attention more than once. I just met my first Marbled Godwit a week ago at Dockweiler Beach in LA. Fun, fun bird!

  2. Vickie,
    Thanks..the marbled is a very cool bird.
    Happy birding to you!


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