Thursday, November 04, 2010

Seagulls are being collared with Beer Cans?

Howdee all,
Before I read the article I thought that this was happening because of the trash that we leave at the beaches…instead I read that the collars are put on by people…what kind of people would do this? Sick!
Photos and video on the links below..I hope they find and prosecute whoever is doing this! Perhaps put a beer can collar around their neck!
Check out the video

Cut beer cans placed around seagulls' necks
Why would anyone slap cut beer cans around the necks of seagulls? A wildlife group made aware of the incidents isn't certain but it calls it torture and is fighting back with a $2,000 bounty.

Instead of attempting to capture the birds, which can make them more wary and harder to catch, sightings should be reported immediately to a dedicated paging service 831-429-2323 or emailed to via


  1. Oh, this makes me so mad that anyone would do that to defenseless sea gulls. I hope they catch the guys who did it.

  2. Uughh!!! What is wrong with people! ...makes me so sad.

  3. Appalachian Lady and Kelly
    Can you believe this? I dont understand what make people do these things!

  4. What's wrong with these people? I'll definitely keep my eyes open for this.Hopefully it is a trend that will soon come to an end.


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