Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruby-crowned Kinglet at it again and again and again

Howdee all,

No this is not the Ruby-crowned is the Brown thrasher that visits my feeders here in North Carolina.

around dells and craigys_001

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet showed up today..and spent much of the day..

doing what you see in the video below.

I am wondering if there are actually two kinglets on the attack…because the first video the Kinglets ruby is very small and toward the back of the head.

The Crown is amazing in the second video…You must check it out!

Sorry about the video quality..Smile

Ruby-crowned kinglet

You must see this huge Ruby!!

Huge Ruby on this Kinglet

We had a wonderfully warm day today…Mid to High 60s.

A nice evening sky with pinks and blues.

around dells and craigys_002Homey snug as a bug..around dells and craigys_003

See the white rope coming from the roof of Homey in the photo below?..that’s not to keep us from flying away..hee hee…

  We put two green tarps on the roof…held down by ropes tied to stakes. Its to protect our roof from mounds of purple and red bird poop.

The Robins have arrived…I haven't seen any Cedar Waxwings yet..

Soon they will devour the Holly berries and leave the poopy splats …The last winter we were here it took Jeff forever to clean off the mess…so this time we are prepared…

around dells and craigys_016around dells and craigys_012Craig's Blue truck match's the skyaround dells and craigys_004Hickory tree lit up with the evening lightaround dells and craigys_005around dells and craigys_019

And another day goes by in our temporary home in North Carolina.around dells and craigys_010

Additions to the Bird Yard List today

House Finch

Pileated Woodpecker

American Robin

Brown-headed Cowbird

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Common Grackle


  1. Life looks so beautiful with those birdies :)

  2. I love the little kings. They've been stopping outside the store in large flocks of 20 or more. When I hear their familiar cricket-like call I look for them in the pine outside the window.

    I can't believe how tiny the ruby and golden-crowened kinglets are next to the chickadees. And their wing dances are so much fun to watch.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. Just beautiful!

    Craig (not the brother... lol)

  4. Hi Dawn. It looks so nice and warm down there. Freezing up here in Canada. Love the kinglets!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. I've never seen one before. Adorable little bird! Lucky you, enjoying temps in the 60's!

  6. OMG Dawn. I have never seen a crown that big on a Ruby-crowned Kinglet! I'm amazed. What are they doing, coming at the window and flying up? Do they think there is another male when they see a reflection? Interesting behavior

  7. Bhavesh Chhatbar
    Thank you is beautiful with the birds.

    Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan
    Howdee..thanks for stopping by..I love the Wild Bird store..I need to stop by the local one here for some much needed bark butter.
    The kinglet is so cool to watch..and we are lucky to get such close up views!!

    Craig Glenn
    Howdee are my Cyber brother!

    Kathy H
    Howdee Kathy..Glad you liked the kinglets...You need to come south to warm up. When we go to Florida in the winter we see many Canadians there.

    A New England Life
    Howdee Sharon..I bet you have seen one flitting dont notice the crown till it is agitated.

    Howdee Larry..Isn't that a funny little bird. I was amazed how much of the ruby showed too. We have reflective i think you are right.they see their reflection and are protecting their territory..sure hope we don't get them too upset!


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