Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The FU Bird video and something more important

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In case you missed silly this F U  Bird video from the Onion


On a serious note….Please read Kenn Kaufmans post here.

A Long Nights Journey Into Death.

an excerpt of his post below


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                                                          Blackburnian Warbler (Dendroica fusca). Male a...                         Icon of Wind Turbines 

  A Blackburnian Warbler arriving in northwest Ohio in spring is already a veteran traveler. Hatched in the northern forest during some previous summer, it has already flown to South America and back at least once. Navigating by the stars at night, evading predators by day, it has paused at a score of stopover sites, found a winter home in mountain forests near the equator, then initiated the return flight to the north. By the time it reaches Ohio, it has made it most of the way back. Flying north across Ohio, buoyed up by a south wind in the hour before first light, the bird may see a hint of the open waters of Lake Erie stretching out ahead. Rather than continue on across the water with daylight approaching, the bird drops lower and lower. Ahead in the darkness of predawn, a darker shadow suggests a line of trees, and the warbler aims for this shelter . . .
But it is never going to make it. The same south wind that carries the tiny migrant is also turning a gigantic steel blade, and in a moment the two will collide with such shattering force as to splinter the bird’s skull and crush its lungs, stop its heartbeat in an instant, and hurl its broken and lifeless body to the ground.
Then the blades strike another bird. And another. And another. And another.

This could be reality if we stand mute while turbines rise along the edges of the last, best stopover habitat. Are we really going to let this happen?

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  1. I think I hurt myself watching that.

  2. Anonymous
    Hope you didnt hurt yourself too bad!

  3. Hilarious video, Dawn. Thanks. And sadly informative story about the migrating warblers.


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