Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wheres Waldo now?

Howdee all,

Homey is fixed..Yippee

We spent the night parked at a Wal-Mart's near Richmond Va. and left early to avoid rush hour traffic..(forgot it was Saturday) Such is the life of retirees.

We stopped for a breakfast break.

Here's Waldo checking out our early morning stop…

Outlet malls…not open..

Wheres Waldo_001 (2)

Then on the road againWheres Waldo_009 (1)

Finally arriving at our destination. We set up camp..Chairs set up beside the Homey..and birdfeeders awaiting the birds.Wheres Waldo_014 (2)Waldo decided he wanted to stretch his legs from all that traveling.Wheres Waldo_015 (1)So he took a walk around Sickstas house…Wheres Waldo_016He looks happy in his new surroundings.Wheres Waldo_018He liked the fall foliage…Wheres Waldo_021The Hickory nut trees are Golden and full of nuts..a few fell on our Homeys roof and made a racket!Wheres Waldo_023Checking out the scene..Wheres Waldo_024Waldo spies Sicksta Dell working in her Garden with Jack.Wheres Waldo_025 (1)Craigy and Jeff are around too.Wheres Waldo_027 (1)Waldo stops by to say hello..Wheres Waldo_026 (1)Waldo making friends with JackWheres Waldo_028 (2)Waldo is happy and making himself at home…He's looking forward to some North Carolina adventures.Wheres Waldo_029


Roy said...

Hey Dawn I am beginning to think your loosing it.{:)
Seeing this figure in your windscreen. Perhaps you will get better when you get to warmer climes of the South.{:)

A New England Life said...

So glad you and Jeff made it to your destination! The fall foliage sure looks pretty. I'll bet the warmer temps are nice too.

dAwN said...

Loosing it? I lost it many years ago..thank goodness I dont miss it:)

A New England Life
Foliage is nice here now..and warmer..come on down for a spell!

eileeninmd said...

Looking forward to reading more of your post from North Carolina. it must be ncie to visit with your sister now. Enjoyed your post and photos.

Kerri said...

So glad that homey is fixed and you arrived safe and sound!

Appalachian Lady said...

So funny! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather down south.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I love your butterfly video. Lantana is my very favorite! Waldo is very cute. I had Teton Teddy a few posts ago which is like Waldo. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!!

dAwN said...

Thanks Eileen..yes we are having a great time here in NC. I dont see you on twitter much but i tweet your posts you use twitter these days?

Thanks Kerri! We are happy to be out of that scary situation..all is well on the Homey front.

Appalachian Lady
We were enjoying the warmer weather..but a bit cold the last few days..guess i shouldn't complain too much..its much colder up north!

Weekend Cowgirl
Howdee...Glad you have enjoyed those now I am going to go see your Teton teddy!
See u there!

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