Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Road again…:) Where's Waldo?

Howdee all,

Remember Mr.Waldo Jeff found on the beach? I cleaned him up and he decided he wanted to do some traveling. Ok..I decided for him. He's a great traveling companion so far.

Here's Waldo waiting to hit the road…We left Ct. and are headed south for the winter.

Wheres waldo_003

Do you know where Waldo is in these photos?Wheres waldo_008

Traffic hasn’t been that bad at all today.Wheres waldo_014

We are making good time and will be at our destination tomorrow. Wheres waldo_026

We crossed allot of bridges today.wheres waldo_015The sunset was Lovely..wheres waldo_025

We are now in Traffic south of Baltimore. Rush hour..

Destination tonight…somewhere in VA. Smile


  1. I hope that riding in style will allow Waldo enough rest to drop his cane after awhile.

  2. Looks like you are making good time. Is that the George Washington Bridge? At least Waldo has good company :-)

  3. Waldo is definitely covering some miles.

  4. We probably crossed paths today at some point. I too just came down from Baltimore into Virginia tonight.

  5. Some nice photos. Thanks for the mention on facebook.

  6. I wish I could swop places with Waldo, do you think he'd agree to an exchange. I can offer him cold frosty mornings, wind and rain, or as today has been, foggy and damp all day.

  7. merrilymarylee
    I have tried to pry the cane from Waldo..he seems very attached to it and wont give it up:)

    Hilke Breder
    It was the Tappanzee bridge

    Yes..and he was such a good complaints.

    Birding is Fun!
    Oh..darn..Let me know if you will be anywhere near Raliegh or hour south where we are..maybe we can meet up..I know where you can find some Red Cockaded woodpeckers,brown headed nuthatch and Bachmans sparrow..

    Bob Bushell Thanks are welcome..You have a great blog..and a wonderful Birding area.

    Waldo wont swap places..he did say you could share a bunk with him..tiny though ;0


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