Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beach Walking..

Howdee all,

So here is where I left you last post..looking out to the inlet..Bluff point _043Jeff and I walked out of the woods for a view..Bluff point _044Groton Long Point homes in the distance.Bluff point _046To the left..the inlet…Bluff point _049To the right…the oceanBluff point _050Below me…colorful seaweed..Bluff point _051And a leaf from the nearby woods…Bluff point _052

Water and RocksBluff point _054Water and Rocks in motion..a short video

We walked the rocks toward the ocean..Bluff point _056

Past….Fisherman fish fishing…Smile

Bluff point _057

Past boulders

Bluff point _058

Past Seagulls…

Bluff point _060

Jeff looks down at something…what is it?

Bluff point _061

He found Waldo!!!!!

I took Waldo home for a bath..and he will live with us in Homey!

and you can all wonder…Where Waldo is as we travel..Bluff point _062I think these are Periwinkles?Bluff point _065

Jeff took this beautiful photo belowBluff point _068

Bluff point _080The lighting starts to change..

to the west its very bright..Bluff point _071Behind me the sun lights up the rocks and grassesBluff point _079Bluff point _084We turn the corner of Bluff point and start to head North toward the inletBluff point _086Back toward our car…Bluff point _085Bluff point _087More boulders…Bluff point _088Bluff point _089

Looking back toward the ocean…Bluff point _092Bluff point _094We continue to work our way around the rocks….Bluff point _096And then back to the path..Bluff point _098What started as a struggle to leave our warm comfy Homey…

Bluff point _099Ended up being a Wonderful walk…Bluff point _100And I decided..I would leave hibernation..up to the Bears…Bluff point _101


  1. That's wonderful that you changed your mind about being a bear. The photos are wonderful!

  2. Oh, I enjoyed this lovely walk!!

  3. This became an exceptional walk.

  4. great photos Dawn. I love that you found Waldo and now we can keep wondering where is Waldo next :)


  5. Aren't you so glad you got out and went for that walk? Waldo sure is!

    Every day at the beach is different and that's why I love it!

  6. beachgrl
    hee hee Thanks Sicksta..though at times,Jeffy might say I have been a bear!

    Kerri Thanks glad you enjoyed!

    yes it did become a great walk..glad I didn't hibernate:)

    I have a feeling it wont be the last time you see Waldo:)

    A New England Life
    you are so right..every day is different and beautiful in its own way. I will leave the winter snowy beach walks to you. :)


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