Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I know why Bears want to hibernate :)

Howdee all,

It was cold and blustery yesterday….Jeff and I were comfy cozy inside..

We both knew that we should exercise..after all we both want to loose a few pounds, and we cant very well lose it while sitting around.

We should go walking…I said..Yes..we should he said..

I don’t really want to I said…neither do I he said…

If I weigh myself and I lost weight he said..I wont feel like I need to walk.

Ok…I said..looking for any excuse not to go out into the cold.

Jeff weighed himself..nope..the scale told him we should walk.

So, we put on our many layers and headed out for a walk.

Neither of us wanting to go…

I can understand why Bears hibernate..

Its too darn cold to want to do anything ….wouldn’t it be more logical to do what a bear does?

Gorge ourselves on everything yummy and fattening…

Then curl up and nap the winter away… am not a bear..

Bluff point _001

So off we went..

Bluff point _004 - CopyOnce we were out walking…Bluff point _005 - CopyIt felt great…and it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be.Bluff point _006I started enjoying the crisp air…Bluff point _007

Enjoyed how our daily walking area looked so different without leaves..IBluff point _008I had fun finding the colorBluff point _009 - CopyPatches of it…Bluff point _013Patches of color amidst the gray Bluff point _016

Blue greens on rocksBluff point _017A white version of the Turkey tail mushroomBluff point _021Stonewalls built years ago still stand..Bluff point _023Bright green growth on a decaying logBluff point _024Yes…we were both happy we got out of our comfy home..Bluff point _025To exercise…and to enjoy the sights and soundsBluff point _026Colors…Bluff point _032Bluff point _041Birds..Bluff point _039Along the trail Bluff point _028But..this is not the end of the trail..

See the water?…Stay tuned for the rest of the walk where we find..Waldo…walk the beach and enjoy the evening lightBluff point _043


  1. haha, you a funny sicksta. Loved your walk and I feel the same way about the cold. Hurry up on your walk, I want to see the rest of it.

  2. Dawn, at least your fingers weren't too cold to take some nice pics. I particularly like the one showing the single figure on the trail - very simple but beautiful.

  3. You sure are a slow walker. How many pounds is he walking off? ;)

    I have a hard time dragging myself out into the cold, but then always enjoy myself once there.

  4. I feel the same way, and it's not really even that cold yet! You should be here in January! But I'm the same way, having to force myself to go outside. Usually once I do it's not that bad.

    Glad you brought your camera along. It helps to make the walk more interesting.

  5. Oh man, that's one thing I definitely miss about living in New England... all the old stone walls! All through my hometown in Connecticut were miles and miles of stone walls.. Everywhere! Thanks for the nostalgia!

  6. I got a kick out of reading about you and your husband talking yourselves into going outside for a walk. I do that too. And, just like you, I am happy that I went on the walk.

    I really love the photo of the stone wall with the yellow in the trees. You have a great eye.

  7. You did a lot of walking on this one.

  8. What a terrific way to see the country, and I'm enjoying the travel journal. If You ever come up to Vermilon River country, you let Boomer and I know. Boomer will speed you through the border. He has lots of pull with Homeland Security, and the Mounties. Don't forget to visit us often.

  9. beachgrl
    Hey Sicksta..glad you liked the first part!

    Hilke Breder
    Thanks Hilke for your kind comments!Glad you enjoyed that photo.

    Hee hee..i was hiking slowly that day..too many photos to take..:)

    A New England Life
    Yeah..i dont envy you here all winter..I hope its a mild one for you. Taking the camera around makes me slow down and see things.

    Glad I could give you a bit of nostalgia...I grew up in CT as well.

    Appalachian Lady
    hee hee..glad you do the same thing..I think many of us do..once I am out i am happy..its just getting myself out thats the hard part!

    Bob Bushell
    Howdee wasnt a very long walk..just about four miles..but beautiful.

    Hee hee..will surely look you and Boomer up on that..Take care and yall come back now...

    Thanks everyone for stopping by to say hello!


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