Tuesday, November 02, 2010

View from here

Howdee all,

Been busy lately…seems like I am always writing this.

I have spent less time on the computer, though, some would say that’s not true.

The view from Homeys window in Mom and Dads driveway.

Holloween around the block_001The bird house is empty now…The dogwood is showing is fall splendor

Holloween around the block_005And the last Cleome is blooming…Holloween around the block_007

There are Juncos, White-throated sparrows, Robins, and Grackles a plenty.

Today a Junco hit our Homey window… It died in my hand, so sadSad smile


Just a few weeks and we head south…

North Carolina…will it still be autumn there? What birdies will be waiting for us?

Sicksta…Did you fill up the feeders?

Are my flying Squirrels waiting for me?

What treasures await?

Hickory Nuts, hitting our homeys roof?  Sicksta said she picks up five wheel barrels full a week..YIKES..

Looks like we will make some Hickory nut tea, hickory nut stew, hickory nut loaf, and whatever else we can think of.

See you Soon!


  1. Dawn, don't leave without a visit from me! I will be there soon! I had grackles aplenty here one day but now they are gone again. That's okay with me. With over 100 birds they would eat me out of seed in no time flat!

  2. Beautiful view from homey and last view of the spider plant. Love those.
    Very sad about the Junco :( My daughter had to deal with a poor Junco's demise last winter. She was cleaning and found a little gift from her kitty. No one was home, shocked she ran outside. She soon realized she was the only one home and had to go back inside to deal with it :(
    Wishing you wonderful travels, and exciting new adventures in the coming weeks!

  3. Kathie and Debbie..
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments...
    See you soon Kathie..for some computer time and just hangin out..have birds and beans coffee on hand.

    Debbie..so sorry about the kittie getting the junco. When I let my cat out on a leash I keep an eye on him..luckily he doesnt seem to have an interest in birds..wierd
    See you in Twitterville dear tweetie!


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