Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Time to Head South!

Howdee all,

Yes..its that time of year…when the white stuff starts to fall..its time to head south.  We wont be leaving until next Thursday…not soon enough to avoid the white stuff.  The Homey is not real happy in weather like this. The windows inside are weeping Sad smileI have to wipe them daily so the water doesn’t leak onto the wood cabinets.

Snow _001Its supposed to warm toward the end of the week…Snow _002I hope so…I don’t want to end up frozen like this flower.Snow _003

One good thing about days like this is that it allows me time to get some inside work done. A blog post for Birdingblogs.com is in the works. I made a few phone calls, that I have been postponing, and I have home made soup simmering on the stovetop. 

I have been watching the birds at my feeders.

They look as surprised as I am to see the snow..they are gobbling all the seed in sight.

Hope you are all Having a Wonderful Winter Autumn!

Stay Warm Smile


  1. Snow in November! I for one love it, but I know others like yourself are not ready for it.

    Sorry we didn't meet up with you and Jeff this year. Hopefully the next time you are in New England we can get together.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip and forward to new adventures.

  2. Oh to have the life of birds like you two do.

  3. OH, I am NOT looking forward to Winter! Hope it warms up quickly for you!!

  4. If it is cold, I will stay in my house. If it's as cold than last year, I hope to somebody will drag me off to Spain, there all will be sun.

  5. We had a couple of inches of snow at our place in Indiana last week. Today it is close to 70 degrees. Downright balmy in November! I'm not quite ready for the harsh winter season yet.

    I'm most definitely looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures down south. Wishing you safe travels!

  6. Dawn, I have been enjoying your fall colors. We missed fall because we needed to get to Alabama early this year. i didn't realize the east got snow already. Glad to hear you are heading south soon.

  7. Yes-an early snow this year. Made my drive to work a slow one. I always wondered what the deal was when bloggers put lines through a word if they make a mistake instead of correcting it.If I used that method my whole post would be just one big line.

  8. I am not looking forward to that white stuff at all. I hope they keep it all in Connecticut. We had more than enough last year. Have a safe trip south.

  9. Sigh, the sun isn't up yet, but I'm expecting to see an icy, thin coating of white all over my back yard. I'm never really ready for Winter, and I live in Canada, for pete's sake.

  10. Inland we missed the snow, but probably not for long. Takes hardy birds to stick out a NE winter! Safe travels.

  11. Yuk, We have had weather in the 60's last few days :)
    Wishing you warmer weather, wonderful travels and adventure!

  12. MaineBirder
    howdee John...Yeah, I am sorry we didn't get together either..hopefully when we come back in the spring we can get a birding trip set up! Have a wonderful winter..stay warm!

    Birding is Fun!
    Yes..we sure are lucky! I am happy to be leaving the cold.

    Howdee Kerri...We are heading south soon../still might be a bit chilly in NC..but not as cold as it will be here in cT.

    Bob Bushell
    I hope you have a warm winter there..if not I think you should drag yourself off to Spain:)

    Julie G.
    Howdee Julie..I sure hope your winter is not too long and cold. Stay warm..and see you in cyberspace!

    Howdee Traveler..i see you have been spending time with the family..I think its great!

    Hee hee..yeah, the line was to make a point..but..maybe it would be fun to put lines thru the whole post just for fun!

    I hope you dont get much of the white stuff..I will try to keep it glued down here so it doesnt blow your way.:)

    Kathy H
    Burrrr.........We see lots of Canadians in Florida when we are visiting there in the winters...maybe you should come on down!

    Chris Petrak
    I am sure you will get your fair share of snow soon! Stay warm..and think of heading south for the Spacecoast bird festival in January!

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl
    Doesnt it seem to soon to be cold..what happened to the summer??

    Thanks everyone! Glad you all stopped by to say hello:)


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