Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beaver Ponds Hike

Howdee all,

Beaver ponds hike was a short 5 mile loop around a few ponds near Mammoth hot springs.

Beaver Ponds Loop Trail
Round trip distance: 5 mile loop trail

Climb: easy-moderate
Difficulty: easy-moderate

Trail Description: The trail begins in Clematis Gulch between Liberty Cap and the stone house. It follows the creek up Clematis Gulch, climbing 350 feet through spruce and fir trees. The beaver ponds are reached after hiking 2.5 miles through open meadows of sage and stands of aspen. Mule deer, pronghorn antelope, moose, beaver dams and lodges, and occasionally bear may be sighted in the area. There are spectacular views as you wind your way back to Mammoth

mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_029It was a nice way to start off our Yellowstone trip.

The clouds were beautiful but it looked like we might get a shower. mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_030  Last time Jeff and I did this hike we saw a Bear sow and her cub.

No bear sightings this time.

mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_036

We did see a few interesting things.

This amazing metallic blue bug!

Is this a type of flea beetle?

mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_022Lots of Grasshoppers…..mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_033

Some very interesting mushrooms

Stalked puffball mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_028

and a lichen heart(Sorry Sicksta Dell..couldn't take it out of the park)mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_039

My camera battery was losing juicemammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_041

This was the last photo I took before the rain..and beforemammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_043

The Rainbow…

luckily Jeff had his camerabeaver ponds jeff_20090831_008  and he captured a few photosbeaver ponds jeff_20090831_015I pieced two of his photos together to show you how incredible this was.. Panorama 1 What a wonderful way to start out our trip to Yellowstone..beaver ponds jeff_20090831_029More hikes to come….see you soon!   


  1. Sounds like you were literally showered with blessings on this hike! Beautiful photos of the rainbow--glad Jeff had his camera, and perhaps you should stash extra batteries in our backpack!
    Enjoy your hikes--I am walking with you in spirit!

  2. Amazing Dawn! They don't call it Big Sky country for nothing! Great rainbow. Sure wish I could have been right there with you.

    Funky blue beetle. It looks like something out of Africa.

  3. Wow, another great hike. Yellowstone is so awesome. And what a way to end the day, with a double rainbow. You really need to carry spare batteries Dawn. Good thing you had Jeff along.

  4. Damn nice hike and a spectacular rainbow.

  5. Stunning shots of the double rainbow!

  6. It looks like such a beautiful area. That rainbow is just fantastic!

  7. should have a TV show or something...."Hiking the Big Ole' USA!" You are seeing so many amazing things. The rainbow is gorgeous....
    ...and is that blue bug real? A metallic RoboBug!
    (I was at the Big Sit for a little last night...not a lot of birds going over, so they sort of called it early.)

  8. I love the photos, especially the stitched rainbow. That must have been an awesome sight!

  9. Fantastic photos sicksta! Oh, and Jeffy too!

  10. Beautiful.I'm sure you didn't see any beavers since it was daytime, but I'm wondering if you saw dams, or lodges. Nice beaver lake.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, my.... I am drooling over that rainbow!!

  12. deejbrown was a great inro hike to the area..very beautiful!

    A New England Life
    Thanks wish you could have seen it too..the blue beetle was very oool!

    you are so right ...i need an extra battery..which, darn it, is not in stock..bummer

    Steve B
    Thanks Steve!

    Little Brown Job
    thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

    yes it is a wonderful area!

    hee hee..good idea..a hiking show..yeah the bug was sooo robo buggie..

    hey john...yeah it was an awesome sight!

    Thanks sicksta!

    didnt see any beaver...but did see a dam

    oh Jayne...wish you could have seen it!!!

    Thanks all for your nice comments!


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