Saturday, September 05, 2009

Postcard from Yellowstone

Howdee all,

Just a quick post…We are driving into Gardner this morning to make phone calls and I am hoping to have broadband connection in order to post this.


We have been traveling with another couple who also have a motorhome..and enjoy hiking and fishing. Sicksta Charlene is staying with us and sleeping in her tent.

We are having a wonderful time in here in Yellowstone.

The weather has been perfect. Hiking has been excellent, Sicksta Charlene and I take evening soaks at the Hot springs in Boiling river.

We saw an amazing Double rainbow our first hike on the day we arrived.

beaver ponds jeff_20090831_020Panorama 1

We  Hiked to the top of Bunson Peak for awesome views.

Bunson peak hike_20090901_035Picked Porchini mushrooms (Boletus Edulus)

and have seen endless amounts of Buffalo in the distance  mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_119 Near the Road

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_122and in the road mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_136 Two life birds for Jeff and I ..

The Gray Jay(below)Very friendly, curious birds.

And the Williamsons Sapsucker(no pic)

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_079

Charlene and I had close encounters with deermammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_084and close encounters with a young coyote (in front of Jeff)cascade lake hike_20090902_017 Looking for dinner and not concerned with us. 

cascade lake hike_20090902_025 We have had elk in our campground.

Yesterday Charlene and I went to the hot springs and bathed with Elk around us….very cool ..wish I brought my camera.

elk at campsite_20090902_003

We hiked to the top of Mt Washburn mt washburn hike_20090902_002And to Cascade Lake

cascade lake hike_20090902_038

Jeff and Jimmy had an awesome fishing day yesterday, in the Lamar River Valley. Between the both they caught over 40 cutthroat trout all between 12 to 18 inches.

Jimmy and Jennifer left this morning and headed to the Grand Tetons..where we plan to meet them on Monday.

We have still not seen bear, Jeff and Jimmy saw a wolf yesterday.


These are just a few photos from endless amounts that I will go thru and eventually post.

A quick hello from us here in Yellowstone

We are having a great time.

And, surprisingly, I have had no internet withdrawal pains…

But I do miss talking to family and friends here in cyberspace….

Should have internet next Monday or Tuesday…

See you then!


  1. All the pictures are nice, but those first two are absolutely STUNNING! I would rate them with the very best photos I have seen this year.

  2. looks wonderful, glad y'all are having a good time and seeing all the great nature


  3. Shem and I like the pictures of the coyote.

  4. Dawn, the photographs are absolutely the best. What great scenery! I loved all the animals too. What a thrill it must be, to be there. The thought of you two being able to be in the hot springs nightly makes me jealous.... Wow, what that would do for my aching back!

  5. Your photos get better and better all the time!

    I cannot believe that complete arch of rainbow!!! Fantastic!

  6. Never ever seen such a fabulous double rainbow shot. FAB

  7. Wow, love the rainbows. And such great wildlife sightings. Look forward to more.

  8. Holy Kamoly Dawn... Those pictures are phenomenal... Especially the double rainbow... I have decided I want to travel with you from now on! ;-D

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  9. Dawn......I am in awe....your trip is absolutely amazing. Beauty everywhere....the land screams freedom...of mind and spirit. I want to experience those mountains. (Beautiful rainbows, btw.)

  10. Oh, my... I am drooling over this breathtaking scenery Dawn! And those double rainbow photos! Man!

  11. You have brought back memories of my trips to Yellowstone--haven't been in many years but your wonderful photos make me want to go!

  12. OH MY GOSH, you have captured so many photos of beauty. I think I would have to frame some of them. Do you have Verizon for your air card? I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to use my cell phone and air card when we go out west next year.

    Happy Trails,

  13. I'm catching up (again!) - and I'm jealous!

  14. Exceptional photos Dawn. The double rainbow, priceless! It looks like paradise to me.

  15. No Bear?

    I thought Yogi would be greeting you at the entrance.....

    Seriously, always dreamt of Yellowstone...
    I am very envious!


  16. This post is an absolute feast. Sounds like a wonderful trip and the photographs are magnificent. I'll be coming back to take another look at them. Wow!

  17. Dear Dawn,
    Yellowstone is one of my favorite places. My favorite full moon is one I watched rise over Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone is where magic happens...your double rainbow photographs are fantastic!
    Glad you are having a wonderful time. The Bison are wonderful too...

  18. What wonderful adventures you have Dawn. I would love to live like you do, constantly travelling and exploring new places and what stunning photos of an incredible place especially the second photo just amazing!! Loved the first Buffalo photo also.

    I enjoyed seeing the wildflowera on the previous post too.

  19. All great photos, but LOVE the rainbow photos.

  20. The second picture of the rainbow looks like a big bubble, fantastically captured.

  21. Dawn, Unbelievable post...such stunning vistas and omg those rainbows were something else..fantastic!!
    So glad you gals are having some soak time..hope all goes well the rest of your trip..sounds like a memorable time for all!!

  22. Awesome - I love Yellowstone and the Tetons - was there in May/June. Would have sent you some ideas had I known that was your destination:

  23. oh, I am a little behind in my comments. The photos are fantastic!

  24. Awesome pics...especially the double rainbows! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Howdee all!
    Back from the neverlands of no internet!
    How nice it is to be back!

    We were so lucky to be able to view such an amazing rainbow..I have seen several double rainbows..but never one so clear..

    Thanks Dan..we always love being in Yellowstone!

    hee hee..glad you and shem liked the cute little coyote!

    Oh muther..wish you could have been in the hot springs with sicksta and i would have loved it!

    The Early Birder was sooooo awesome!

    Thanks Gaelyn..cant wait to see what you have been up to at the Canyon!

    Come on over here! you can follow us any time...we are in Oregon now..look forward to reading about your that i have internet again..

    yes it does scream that doesnt it? A wonderful wild place! Cant wait to see what u have been up to lately..looking forward to your awesome pics..need to respond to a gazzion emails and such..but i will come visit soon.

    Thanks Jayne, You and your camera would love it in Yellowstone.
    hope to visit you and your blog soon!

    Appalachian Lady
    Your retired right? you must go back to Yellowstone...its says hello..

    howdee Chris..thanks...I use ATT for my aircard..I think you will do better with your Verison..our friends had it and they were connected in Yellowstone at Mammoth hot springs.

    Chris Petrak
    Glad to make you jealous..hee hee..

    Larry Jordan
    Thanks was a delight to experience..just amazing!

    Kolibri Expeditions
    Nope no bear..and we always see bear when we visit..this is the first time we didnt see hoo..Cant wait to catch up on what u have been up too...dont think I can plan far ahead to do the peru tour..but I would love to do it sometime!!!

    Come back as much as you would like..miss you and your blog..will visit real soon!

    you are right about Yellowstone and is truly a magical place!

    thanks! thanks so much for visiting!

    Thanks so much! I sure do miss your photos..will be visiting soon!

    Donald Swarbrick
    Thanks so much for the comment and thanks for visiting.

    Thanks it was an amazing rainbow..great soaks..we soaked with the antelope one eve..very cool.

    Thanks for the link..checked out all the birds you saw and where..great stuff..thanks!

    Steve B
    You..master photographer speechless? now i am speechless!

    Thanks dear sicksta..I am way behind..havent read a blog in over two weeks..I am deprived.

    Thanks for the nice comment..Will be checking up on your blog and what you have been up to soon..see ya!

  26. Very cool double rainbow picture!

  27. Yellowstone is really one of the best place to do fishing as well as camping. It will provide great views and experience. I been there once and the experience is really superb. I really can forget it because of the spectacular experience I had.

  28. It is great that you were able to take a picture of the rainbow


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