Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pine Creek Lake Wildflowers

Howdee all,

Last post while we are away at Yellowstone.

I am typing this a half hour before we leave Livingston.

So I leave you with wildflowers…

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_200 From our Pine Creek hike. pine creek lakes hike_20090829_189 The hike was not as thick with flowers as Elephant peakpine creek lakes hike_20090829_171And there were similar species and flowers pine creek lakes hike_20090829_167 Always a treat to see Indian Painbrushpine creek lakes hike_20090829_208 I am leaving a few for Sickstas to key outpine creek lakes hike_20090829_158 Thistle and Asterpine creek lakes hike_20090829_137 Don't know what this is.pine creek lakes hike_20090829_131Paint brush and …?  pine creek lakes hike_20090829_193 Queen annes lace and Bee Balmpine creek lakes hike_20090829_211 Goodbye Pine creek….

Jeff.look below.i thought you moved the grass from around the paintbrush before I took the photo…

missed one…oops.

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_182

I should be back online in a few days…

I am hoping that it was sooner…

Wifi hotspot would be nice.

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