Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pine Creek Lake,Livingston MT pt 2

Howdee all,

Yipee! I made it to the third lake! We all made it…pine creek lakes hike_20090829_079 It was beautiful!  …a straight on viewpine creek lakes hike_20090829_082The lake facing right. Snow on the mountains..pine creek lakes hike_20090829_083 The lake facing left…Swimmers on the far rock.pine creek lakes hike_20090829_084 Front again…but with clouds coming in…

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_111

Time for a nap..pine creek lakes hike_20090829_117  Me..relaxing before the long….knee jerking hike back…pine creek lakes hike_20090829_091Brendan viewing the scene with my binos… pine creek lakes hike_20090829_122

More to come…Views from the hike down..

These posts have been auto posted…Cause i have no internet…I pulled a late nighter to get these done.

See you all in a week!


  1. Super clear water and beautiful area

  2. So glad you auto posted! It is helping with with the Dawn withdrawals on twitter :) These are GREAT shots! So glad you made it to the third lake!!

  3. gorgeous spot, looks like it would be hard to motivate and head back :)


  4. I love these pics Dawn! It looks amazing there... reminds me of my trip to New Hampshire with everyone... it was so gorgeous!!! Your photos look so beautiful... LOVING your new camera!

  5. YEAH Dawn you made it... It looks like it was so worth it. What beautiful scenery and the lake is so clear looking. I know you were excited... Your pictures are wonderful!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  6. Alright Dawn, you made it! And certainly worth while. What a gorgeous place. I'd think the water would be a bit cold for swimming.

  7. My gosh.....that lake is crystal clear--gorgeous! I don't think I've seen to many places as gorgeous as where you are now...


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