Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pine Creek Lake hike, Livingston, MT pt. 1

Howdee all,

This past Saturday we hiked Pine Creek Lake. Jeff and I and Sickstas family did this hike a few years back on July.  I remembered it as being a difficult hike.

There are three lakes on this hike.

Charlene and I didn't make it to the last two lakes  the last time we were here..Jeff and Tom went without us while we played with the kids in the snow.

This time around I was determined to make it to the top.

Jennifer, joins us for the hike.

She and husband Jimmy will travel with us for the next two weeks, in their motorhome. Jennifer is a hiker and will join us on our hikes, Jimmy loves to fish and Jeff will split his time between hiking and fishing.

Jennifer checking out the trailhead map.. 

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_005Crossing the bridge below the fallspine creek lakes hike_20090829_015The hike is pretty much up the whole way.

This photo below looks back towards the valley we came from.pine creek lakes hike_20090829_019 Taking a much needed lunch break.

One way to the third lake is five miles.  pine creek lakes hike_20090829_024So we have more hills to climb….pine creek lakes hike_20090829_020Looking back down the trail …..pine creek lakes hike_20090829_034 I think this is the one time we were able to hike down….and it didn't last long pine creek lakes hike_20090829_038 We finally made it to the first lake…no snow…See the waterfall?

The second lake feeds the falls…so we need to hike up more….pine creek lakes hike_20090829_057

View from the hike up to the second lake…looking down to the first.pine creek lakes hike_20090829_059

We approach the second lake…

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_071pine creek lakes hike_20090829_074

At the second lake and going around to reach the third and final lake…pine creek lakes hike_20090829_078

To be continued……

Still no internet…see you next week.


  1. Reminds me of my hike on Mount Raineer and near Mount Saint Helens. Beautiful!

  2. beautiful...puff, puff, puff.....third lake coming up...puff, puff :)

  3. Beautiful country! I'm sure the hike was well worth it.

  4. Dawn this looked like so much fun... I really enjoyed all of your wonderful pictures... Thanks! I will miss your updates!

    Stay Safe & Have Fun

  5. I loved looking for the waterfall then seeing it up close. It was like being on the hike with you, only you don't have to listen to me wine about being a flatlander.
    He-he :-}

  6. What a gorgeous hike! I would've loved to have been there!

  7. Lovely photos that give a good idea of what that hike was like. Bet you feel good about yourself. I always feel good after a hike, even if I get sore.

  8. And to think that when I first saw your blog I thought it would be hard to get any exercise, living in a motor home!

  9. I much prefer hikes that are mostly uphill to the destination. Makes the trip back so much more enjoyable. I hate to hike back up only to reach the car. Great shots. Can't wait for the next installment.

  10. What absolutely gorgeous country to hike in. Those little mountain lakes are delightful.

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