Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mammoth Hot Springs

Howdee all,

We stayed at Mammoth Hot springs for a week.

Jeff went out one early morning and took these photos.

Of a surreal world…Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_016

A world of bubbling hot,, sulfur smelling waters

Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_025

Living sculptures of Limestone

Travertine is deposited as white rock, however the microorganisms and living bacteria create beautiful shades of oranges, pinks, yellows, greens, and browns.Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_020

The Mammoth Hot springs are constantly changing. As formations grow, water is forced to flow in different directions. Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_026

This bubbling world seems prehistoricYellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_037

It drips and bubbles, makes sculptures….and kills trees in its pathYellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_038And forms beautiful crystals of color…

Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_043

More Yellowstone photos to come…

then..onto the Tetons.


  1. Wow, that is some place. I have never seen a place like that. And where was it that you all soaked in after your hikes?

  2. Debbie Miller
    Thanks Debbie!

    You must go and see it for yourself Diane..and hike too!:)
    We soaked in the boiling river..close to Mammoth Hot Springs.

  3. Wow, what a weird and unusual and totally cool place!

  4. It's like above ground cave formations. I really like the rimstone dams. Don't care too much for the rotten egg smell. Can you really soak in any of these pools? Jeff's images are great.

  5. Wow, it does look prehistoric and sooooo cool!

  6. Amazing! It does look prehistoric. I can imagine the colors were even more vivid in person. I love visiting places with you guys!

  7. So much of Yellowstone is surreal - one almost waits for a Hieronymous Bosch figure to appear - or something from Salvatore Dali. Wonderful if Yellowstone is the place where some of the surrealists drew inspiration. Or maybe they were just crazy. But Yellowstone is real! and gorgeous!

  8. Love the colors - really pretty spot and i agree surreal


  9. Wow, are you sure you were on this planet?

  10. Great photographs. What a sight that must have been.

  11. That is incredible! The photos look like they were taken from another planet! -Oley-oLey-Oley-Oley those springs are hot hot hot!

  12. It does seem like some dinosaur would rise up..makes for some really interesting photos Dawn... Michelle

  13. Wow Dawn. I haven't been here in ages (0r hardly anywhere else either)... These are fabulous photos.

  14. words. Too cool...

  15. Surreal is the perfect word..some of your photos look like Dali painted them!! where's that melting clock??
    Awesome shots!

  16. beachgrl
    Sicksta...i know u love to be in your home...but you would love it here!

    howdee..yeah i agree with the rotten egg smell. We bathed in hotsprings near mammoth..awesome...they flowed into a cold river..both waters can choose different temps depending upon where u bathe.

    Glad u like jeffys pics on the hot and joe would love it here.

    Thanks Jayne...i love taking you along! The colors are incredible!

    Chris Petrak
    hee hee..i think some of those artists were just crazy...but certainly it is a bizarre environment.

    thanks Dan..

    Steve B
    This doesn't seem like our planet..i think this is another mentioned:)

    Awesome sight..very wierd..

    yes...we were on another planet..and it was hot hot hot...ole ole...thanks for the music!

    Rambling Woods
    I was looking for some dinos...never did appear..

    Howdee...I know..i have had just enough time to blog..go on twitter and facebook a bit...but I am sooooooooooooo behind in blog reading and feeling overwhelmed ...

    Thanks ..yeah no words necessary

    oh u missed the melting clock? i put one in the hotsprings...and poof it was gone...


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