Friday, September 25, 2009

Drive to Yellowstone Lake

Howdee all,

Hope you are not bored with Yellowstone yet!

Sept,3 Charlene, Jeff and I took a drive to Yellowstone Lake to take in the scene and look for mushrooms.

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_008 Jeff stopped and we checked out the ducks

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_018  They were too far away..and we didnt have our scope..mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_022Further south…we follow the Yellowstone rivermammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_032

Past Buffalomammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_064 mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_056 the skies showed showers  around us…but we were still dry

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_070

We made it to Yellowstone Lake where Sicksta Charlene and I looked for mushrooms. We found boletus edulus (porchini) but most were past their prime.mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_073Mallard family

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_075

Gray Jays follow us as we look for mushroomsmammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_079 Charlene and I encounter a deer while mushrooming.

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_082

We never did get wet that daymammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_091The clouds around the lake filled with light mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_098 As distant clouds said Rain…

With a few mushrooms in hand…we start our drive back to Mammoth

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_109

Past a heart peninsula of Buffalomammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_118

We stop at an overlook to take in the scene…mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_125  The Buffalomammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_133The Buffalo and clouds… mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_121

And as we drive home …watercolor cloudsmammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_155show us the way…. mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_147

Hope you are all having a nice Friday…

Jeff and i are on our way to visit friends in Portland, Oregon.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. How awesome Dawn...

    Well what I was really going to say was "I hate you and you SUCK!" But that would just be the sour grapes I am growing him in my cube. LOL

    M say's she will get me traveled yet so I can't wait to see these places.

    Great shots and I hope y'all are having a blast, I know you are!

    Craig Glenn

  2. Wonderfulous scenery and photos are so vivid!

  3. Grow tired of looking at pictures of Yellowstone? Not me. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing what you are up to next. Travel on.

  4. "Bored with Yellowstone" ??? Does not compute!

  5. A friend who spoke at our recent Audubon says his heart is in the west. The East, he says, is picturesque, but the West is sublime. I'm not ready to admit he's right, but your pics certainly help make his case.

  6. Yellowstone is so vast, don't think I could bored with it. Glad you were able to find a few mushrooms. Hope they tasted good.
    Where to after Portland?

  7. ...beautiful post. I really enjoyed it--poetic as well as beautiful. And keep the photos goodness, it's so gorgeous.

  8. Wow this is SOOO Beautiful! I'll share it with a friend of mine I'm sure he's gonna come up with one whole large poem about this place... lovely shots!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  9. It would be hard to leave Yellowstone with all its beauty at every single turn. I do hope to visit there one day.

  10. I'm not at all tired of watching your chronology of this wonderful trip. What a beautiful area. I loved every single picture.

  11. Loverly pictures. I love the vivid setting. I am trying it out.

  12. Craig Glenn
    Hee hee..u r too funny..Glad you enjoyed the post...and thanks for featuring me in your pics of the day!

    Thanks sicksta..thats cause I use vivid setting on my camera.

    Oh good! Glad you are still enjoying the Yellowstone photos!

    oh good..yeah..i never get bored with Yellowstone either.


    Chris Petrak
    Chris, I love the east..but i am in love with the west...if it werent for my family being in the east...we would be out west most of the time.

    Howdee Gaelyn...the mushrooms were yummy..
    just went to portland for a day trip to visit friends..we will be on the coast of Oregon for a month..picking shrooms!

    Thanks Kelly..i will keep them coming..glad u enjoy the pics.

    I would love to read the poem your friend comes up with..let me know!

    i know you would find a thousand pics here Jayne.

    Oh good..glad you arent tired of these pics..more to come!

    Thanks Sicksta...I love vivid!

  13. I'm a little bit jealous about your shrooming location.

  14. Fantastic scenery! Buffalo jerky anyone? Hope you picked the right kind of mushrooms.

  15. Fantastic greens, blues, buffalo, all of it! I have GOT to come back and catch up soon.

  16. Wish I could be there. Your wonderful captures make me want to leave everything and go!!! :)

  17. Gaelyn
    Howdee Gaelyn..we are now in Oregon and picking buckets of shrooms...if u come to arizona..near quartzite mid january...I will give u some mushrooms...dried ...would love to meet u!

    You always crack me up! i have had buffalo jerky and its great...the mushrooms..yes..i pick what i know..

    Howdee..thanks the colors were amazing..I know what u mean about catching up...i am still so behind in my blog reading...yikes!

    Patricia must go there and visit this scenic wonder.

  18. Your photos are so bright, so blue!!!!!


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