Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Great Read award..ten things about myself

Thanks so much to Trevor from Life with Woodpecker Blog,
who was awarded the Great Read award before me
. He has passed this award to me. Thank you!

I need to write ten things about me......

This is Trevors post Ten Childhood memories
You must read his post! You wont be disappointed.

I will write a few things about myself...some of these I had posted earlier when I was tagged...about six random things about myself.

1. I am a finder.
Family members and some friends would tell you that I find things...
I love to find things actually... I love looking for arrowheads, four leaf clovers, heart shaped and otherly shaped rocks, that are interesting, Shells, birds, mushrooms...Where ever I am I just like to look and pick out the unusual...the thing that doesn't seem to belong, but is there. Kinda like wheres waldo.
Needless to say I am kinda like Lucy in the Long, Long trailer...Sometimes I have too many rocks...and cool stuff that I have collected.....good thing I have family members that love the stuff I find...
I also am good at finding birds...
We were in Arizona, Patagonia state park waiting for a group to congregate for a bird walk...people were mulling about, doing some birding while waiting...I spied a Rose throated Becard at one of the RV.s campsites. That was the highlight of the birdie morning... Ok so that could happen to anyone...I suppose...but maybe now you might want to take me bird watching with you...tee hee...
But be warned, I did find a great wooden tree trunk Owl...I had the group leader and a few others STUMPED..for a while anyway....

2. I Pick Mushrooms. Yep and eat them too...
and Now my family and some friends trust me and they eat them as well.
When we started Full timing seven years ago...we picked up our Homey in Oregon. We took it to the coast to get used to living in it. (We had no clue about what we were doing...but that is another years later we are old pros to the lifestyle.)
Anyhoo....while at the coast we noticed several roadside tents with signs .."Mushroom buyers" well I love mushrooms but why were they buying mushrooms..not selling.
Well..... Oregon is a great area for mushrooming in the fall and spring, Commercial pickers go out all day ..pick mushrooms then bring them to the tents and sell their mushrooms. We found it fascinating and decided we needed to learn more...
After many mushroom festivals, mushroom walks and talks.....and Luckily meeting some new Mycological friends we were confident enough to pick certain edible mushrooms.
When in Oregon and other might find me looking for some of my favorites, Boletus edulus, or Porchini, the chanterelle, hedgehog, Oyster, Lobster, Chicken of the woods, Cauliflower.. I could go on and to pick mushrooms. I do dry and freeze them for future use and to give away.

3. I wear ONLY brown and biege....Yep....only brown and beige.
I might have other colors in a brown or beige shirt... I might have a shirt that has allot of another color...but it always has some brown or beige in it.
And why? do you ask..... Well having a very small closet,(rv closets are tiny)... and a very casual lifestyle, and because I look good in brown,( I think so anyway)......I decided that that is what I would do...
I don't need to think about what goes with what...Everything goes together....Life is easy...Shopping is easy...Just look for brown or beige..walk by everything else...

4. I have a lovely Daughter that I did not give birth to.
This is my second marriage and also my husbands. I never had children, unless you count my fur boys. When Jeff and I started dating, Samarrah was around 7 ....she asked to move in with us when we married....she was around eleven then. So I did my best to be a mother with not much knowledge and training..and I made lots of mistakes.... It wasn't always easy....but we both survived and I love her dearly. She is 31 now and living on her own Brooklyn, NY...and recenty graduated with her Masters in Social work...

5. I come from a family of six.
That's just us kids..we do have two parents....
Two older sisters, Two younger sisters...and a baby brother...ha...hes not such a baby boy anymore but when he was born we were all at least older then 8....and he was our baby boy and we were his mothers...all five of us...Oh mom was his mother too....

6. I Love living in our Motor home. HOMEY you can click here to take a tour
Over eight years ago when my husband suggested the idea...I didn't think that I would like it...such a small jacuzzi tub.....but he showed me a few of the beautiful Motor homes and that was far as the fireplace and jacuzzi...well.... we can have an outdoor fire and go to a few hot springs...
We sold our home put stuff in my sisters big attic, (Thanks Lori and Tillio) and the furniture we decided to keep is being used by different family members.
I never looked back...what a blast we are having. We get to spend quality time when we are with Family and friends, sometimes parked in their driveways... We call ourselves migrant workers..Lately we have been raking allot of leaves in might find us gardening, painting,organizing and helping with computer issues...or sometime making dents in peoples sofas....(JEFF)
When we are traveling we always find beautiful places to stay..if we don't like it ...we leave......
We meet others who travel like us and sometimes hook up and travel together...
Ok its not always Rosy dosy...
Sometimes the motor home seems to be a bit small and I SUGGEST..that my husband golf...
and sometimes I am not tooo Happy about being in TRAFFIC....or passing big Trucks...or going on curvey roads...or when my husband drives to fast or when etc get the picture...
(no I don't drive the motor home...I do know how and am Licenced to drive it..)
and sometimes the motor home needs fixin...that means pack up the car...take the cat and out of the Homey till its fixed.
but otherwise, I love it...and will continue living this lifestyle until we are ready for a fixed foundation.

7..I Love Blogging, Reading friends. families and Bird/ nature blogs. I use twitter and facebook...I dont like it when I dont have internet connection..

8. I am a bit of a neat nik...I love it when everything is in its place...and my home looks tidy.

9. Next year Jeff and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage! Yippee..

10. I love being out West! Love it! Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon etc etc.
But I miss my east coast family.

Thats all for now...
Internet has been pretty spotty to virtually non existant for me lately..
I hope to catch up with all your blogs next week..
See you then!


  1. All fun facts Dawn! We will celebrate 20 yrs in Feb. I admire your nomadic life and all the adventures you have in your Homey. :c)

  2. Dawn, It is FABULOUS to get to know you better! Wonderful post!

  3. You deserved the Great Read award, that is a great post Dawn. Your life in a motor home sounds so wonderful and I have enjoyed taking a look at your other posts and fabulous picures.

  4. Congrats on the award and the 20th anniversary. (Art and I will be married 20 years next June). This was a fun read- It's nice to learn these things about you.

  5. Congratulatins on the award Dawn. For sure your writing is never dull along the mobil adventures. Hard to believe how much we have in common: gathering gifts from the earth (I've had to learn to leave some rocks behind.), including mushrooms and other wild edibles. I love my RV lifestyle and am way overloaded. My two colors are purple and turquoise along with lots of denim. Whether your home rolls or sits there's always things that need fixing.

    Suppose you are headed further west now. Safe journey, and keep the rubber down.

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. We've been married 30 years - do you think we can fit 7 dogs in a motorhome? Just askin' ...

    Here are some flowers for your viewing pleasure:

  7. Thanks for a Great Read Dawn. I felt sure that passing on the Great Read Award to you would be putting it into safe hands and you lived up to all expectations.
    You have shown us more of your love for finding things, for bird watching and for mushrooms, which I found fascinating. Also your family, and simple things like your comfort with brown and beige (is that subconciously a connection with the earth?) and of cousre your life in the motor home.
    Thanks again Dawn for a Great Read, Trev (the Woodpecker).

  8. Congratulations on the a true blogger you deserve it!
    It was great to read your your daughter, the ten facts were ones I knew (which is a good thing ); and so good to hear your perspective. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy travels! We’ll talk soon.

  9. The most surprising thing about your list was the beige/brown clothes part--since your life and writing are so colorful, I imagined your wardrobe would be too...go figure!

    I've been seeing a lot of really cool-looking mushrooms in my area (north-central Florida), but I have no idea what they are or if they're edible. I put up a bunch of photos last week; maybe you can drop by and enlighten me!

  10. Hi Dawn,
    What an interesting's kinda neat to read about people that one blogs with..a diff kind of perspective. I took your slide show tour of your "homey"! You have a beautiful home and you've decorated it beautifully! I love all your decorative dishes and sculptures. Brown and beige huh? sounds like my well do hope you get some longer internet time soon..enjoy your travels..until later, t

  11. Hi Dawn, I enjoyed your blog on 10 things about you. It was fun to read, but I have to say, I guess I know you pretty well. The only thing I didn't know was that you came from a family of 6., and you and Jeff have been together for 20 years. I had notices you like brown a lot, but didn't know why. I need to pick a color to make my life more simply and to give me more room in my small closets.

  12. Howdee all,
    hope you dont get tired of me saying the same thing over and over..but..
    I have missed all of your blogs for over two weeks..I have had spotty and non existant internet..
    but now I AM BACK...i will catch up with you all soon!!!!!

    Congrats on your twenty years in feb!!

    Thanks so much Kerri!

    Thanks is a wonderful life for us..I am so glad u enjoy all the photos and posts!

    Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Thanks Lynne..looks like a few of us here will be celebrating twenty years of marriage!

    Thanks ms Ranger! I am sure we must have lots in common..our love of nature and travel. Collecting is fun..but yeah..only so much our homes can hold..thank goodness.

    Tammy at The Butterfly Mind
    hee dogs? what size..I have seen four large dogs in a motorhome..and a cat.

    Trev..thanks for the award..I was happy to get it and pass on some info about me. I found yours fascinating..what an interesting childhood.

    Yes..I figured you would know all those things! You know me well!

    Hee hee..i wear brown and beige and decorate with pinks and sagey greens..go figure..
    I will certainly go check out your mushrooms...but please be patient..I am so behind here in cyberland..after no internet for over two weeks...

    Tina..I have internet..and I am just trying hard to catch up..Will visit you soon!
    Maybe I should pass this award on to you! would you like it???? let me know..

    hee hee..I guess u do know me...I wonder what colors you would choose..blues maybe?


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