Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mt Washburn Hike, Yellowstone

Howdee all,

Jeff, Sicksta Charlene, Jennifer, Jen and I did this hike September 2nd.

It was another beautiful day in Yellowstone.

Mt. Washburn Trail
Length to Washburn Lockout Tower from: 
Dunraven Pass picnic area 3.0 miles, one way. 
Chittenden parking area 2.25 miles, one way.
Elevation change: Dunraven Pass at 8,850 feet (1,393-foot gain, but a 1,491-foot gain from Chittenden parking area.)  

mt washburn hike_20090902_055

Hiking up from the parking lot. The drive up cuts off allot of walking and elevation.
mt washburn hike_20090902_053Stopping to catch our breath and view the scenery. mt washburn hike_20090902_052

Cute marmots checking us out.mt washburn hike_20090902_044

 mt washburn hike_20090902_042  My little Panasonic Lumix has the capability to create photos and stitch them together.panorama mt washburn hike  Approaching the summit.mt washburn hike_20090902_025A popular hike..lots of people at the summit… mt washburn hike_20090902_011

Beautiful views..

many say that if you do one hike in the park..this should be the one you do.mt washburn hike_20090902_015

Charlene, Jeff and I…and awesome views!mt washburn hike_20090902_001 The Gals, Jen, Sicksta Charlene, Me and Jennifer.

mt washburn hike_20090902_003

The trail you see below is what the Gals took down from the summit.

Jeff went back to the car and picked us up at the other trailhead…so that we could experience the other trail…( What a nice hubby!}mt washburn hike_20090902_006

Jeff and I are still in Eugene, Oregon.

I am sitting in the Homey as our front windshield is being replaced.

We are also having the windshield in our car replaced..big chips in both and cracks.

This afternoon we go to Carrier and sons..where Homey will have some more work done to it…..Hope to have the sofa reupholstered and a few other upgrades.

More Yellowstone Hikes coming soon!


  1. Dawn,
    That hike to the summit looked steep but well worth it!
    Those vistas are incredible and I envy you all that you see from that "homey". Does sound like the life to lead in retirement..sorry to hear Homey has to have some repairs!

  2. That will require another tour of homey if you're going to redecorate!

    Have you ever read any of Nevada Barr's mystery series about a fictional park ranger named Ann Pigeon? She works at national parks all over the country and usually arrives just before something sinister happens. I enjoy the books; Barr has researched the areas she writes about and loads the stories with interesting details.

    If your trips coordinated with her book locations, we could all be smarter than a fifth grader.

  3. Love the marmots. And yet another great hike. The views are outstanding. How nice of Jeff to be chauffuer for you gals.

    So where to next?

  4. The views...are simply outstanding! Love the marmots and the skies. Very nice that you could do stuff like this and share your adventures with us. Thank you.

  5. Hi Dawn,

    You have some fabulous photos here.....and a great blog......very interesting......will be visiting quite often..Thanks

  6. Great post and photos. You are doing some wonderful hikes. The scenery is just awesome.

  7. You guys are great hikers. Could not do the hikes you do. We are also sitting and getting are RV work on. But not planned as was with you!

  8. Tina
    The hike actually was quite easy as most of the elevation was gained via driving up the road.
    we huffed and puffed a little bit.
    Homey is all fixed now...we are just doing some redecorating now...cant wait till it is done.

    Will take before and afters of Homey..
    Have never read those books..I would love to be smarter than a fifth grader!

    Thanks Gaelyn..yes Jeff was so nice to pick us up at the end of the trail so that we could do the round trip.

    Thanks for the kind comments dude of the birds...I love to share my adventures!

    Greener Bangalore
    Thanks for stopping by...come back again!

    Thanks so much ..glad you are enjoying the trip!

    You could do the hike..just need to work up to it...you are still young after all..
    yeah ...read about your rv issues...hope u are on the mend soon!\

    Thanks everyone! really appreciate your comments!

    Thanks Eileen..yeah we had some great hikes in Yellowstone!


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