Friday, September 04, 2009

Pine Creek Lake, Livingston,MT part 3

Howdee all,

As most of you know I have no internet. I set up these posts to go out on a schedule via blogger.

These photos below are from the same Pine Creek hike….we made it to the top 5 miles up..over 3000 feet elevation gain.

These photos are from the hike down.

We leave the third and final lake …

and look down into lake two…pine creek lakes hike_20090829_134

Hiking down to lake twopine creek lakes hike_20090829_136 View of second lakepine creek lakes hike_20090829_140 From second lake falls a view into the first lake…

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_144

Goodbye views to the snowcapped mountains and second lakepine creek lakes hike_20090829_147 through the meadow…Jennifer and Charlene wait for the rest of us.

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_152

Brendan and Tom hike thru the rocky cliffpine creek lakes hike_20090829_151Brendan viewing of the snowcapped peaks

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_157

Down, Down we go …five miles of knee cap soreness.pine creek lakes hike_20090829_161 pine creek lakes hike_20090829_160Looks like some storm clouds behind us as we leave

pine creek lakes hike_20090829_162

Almost there…pine creek lakes hike_20090829_166

it was a great hike, I would rate this moderate to difficult, though we did see some young adults hiking with less difficulty.

Hope you are all well.

See you when I get back into cyberspace land.


  1. Fantastic views Dawn! Better than post cards!

    Thanks for sharing-


  2. Awesome hike and scenery. Love the 3 lakes flowing into one another. Congrats!

    Look forward to seeing Yellowstone thru your eyes and lens.

  3. Can you take me here the next time you kidnap me? ;-)

  4. Your trip down was just as beautiful as the hike up... Your pictures are just like postcards and even more beautiful!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  5. It reminds Siberian nature a little


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