Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cascade lake hike, Yellowstone

Howdee all,

Jeff and the Gals, Jen, Jennifer, Sicksta Charlene and I…were feeling like we needed to hike another five miles after we did the Mount Washburn hike.

So we decided to hike to Cascade Lake.

An easy 5 miles round trip hike.cascade lake hike_20090902_002 Out to Cascade Lake cascade lake hike_20090902_008You can see that there was a previous burn in the area.  cascade lake hike_20090902_013  It was another beautiful afternoon the water was still..cascade lake hike_20090902_010Jeff brought his fishing pole…….cascade lake hike_20090902_012 He stopped fishing to view a coyote who wanted to use the same path. cascade lake hike_20090902_017The young looking coyote ignored us and went on hunting for its dinner… cascade lake hike_20090902_027

Lucky for this Grouse and her young…the coyote just missed finding her… cascade lake hike_20090902_049Mom was keeping a watchful eye over this little fellow…cascade lake hike_20090902_046Jeff didn't catch any fish…cascade lake hike_20090902_038

We didn't stay long because Jennifer had a date with the shower ..and because there are no electrical hookups at Mammoth campground we had to be back before 7 so she could have a long hot shower…cascade lake hike_20090902_055   Some sort of Dandelion seed headcascade lake hike_20090902_060Heading back…see Mr. Buffalo in the distance? rightcascade lake hike_20090902_052Just hanging out……. cascade lake hike_20090902_056

As we drove home we noticed a fire in the distance…controlled burn_20090902_004

We were told it was started by lightening..they just let it continue to burn.controlled burn_20090902_003

Another day in Yellowstone park…Never a dull moment.


  1. Looks like you had a very interesting hike with many sites and views!

  2. You must be in great shape! What kind of shoes do you wear on all these long hikes?

    Just read that September is Edible Fungi month. You've done your part, right? Keep at it; month's almost over.

  3. Looks to me like a wonderful day. I'm sure you had a lovely time out there... Very Beautiful Pictures

    - - Pixellicious Photos

  4. Oh, that BLUE, BLUE sky! So beautiful!

  5. I might not comment often but I sure do read and look at all your photos... they are just gorgeous.. keep up the great work Dawn... miss you and hug Jeff for me!!! LOVELY BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! I almost feel like I am walking with you...

  6. Yikes....the blues are vivid and clear. Pretty cool the coyote came so close...really nice photo of him! And that cute little face on the sweet!

  7. Terrific photos! Such a beautiful place.

  8. diane-j-m
    Views were awesome...wish you were hiking with me..I know you can do it!!

    howdee ..I have finally found a pair of shoes that dont hurt my feet.
    New Balance Country walkers..sooo nice!

    Kcalpesh was lovely!

    Bluer than blue..yeah..and i use vivid setting on my camera...

    Missy the Butterfly and Garden Freak
    Hi glad you are doing fine and I am glad that you are enjoying our travels..miss you..Jeff says hello and sends his love too...

    Howdee Kelly...always nice to have you visit..Thanks!

    matthew houskeeper
    Thanks so much ...

    Thanks everyone..comments are always appreciated!!!

  9. Are you still using that new Canon?The colors are terrific!Who's the CEO of Canon? God?

  10. Larry..
    The hiking photos I take with my Panasonic Lumix a small camera..I put the setting on vivid...which i believe is more like what i have been seeing..but..i will occasionally bump up the color on live writer as well.


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