Friday, June 17, 2011

Here’s Waldo

Howdee all,

Here's Waldo~

He's sitting in my pocketbook ready for an adventure.

flowers in mom and dads garden_115

I haven't taken him out much…I have been too preoccupied with my sick 16 year old Balliecat who has CRF.

He is on a few meds and is doing much better~The appetite enhancer, Remeron, which is used as an anti depressant for humans is helping.. The drug was compounded for his weight. I was worried about giving it to him, but my vet insured me it would work well. “This is an EXCELLENT anti-nausea medication for cats and also a strong appetite stimulant.”

So far he is happier, more alert and eating more. I know I cant expect miracles, his kidney is not functioning well and his body is trying to compensate for that.

Here he is yesterday, looking for Chippymunks…

flowers in mom and dads garden_066So as you pet owners know…

The end of a pets life can be a Roller Coaster ride…

I am hanging in there…and so is he.

flowers in mom and dads garden_062

Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement..they have helped me tremendously.

And Ballie says Meow


  1. I am glad, Dawn, he's doing better! Interesting about Remeron as appetite cnhancer in cats .. I have used this way in people, mostly depressed elderly. When it works, it's like a miracle.

  2. I am glad he is doing better... My thoughts & prayers are with you & Ballie

  3. So glad your vet found something to help Ballie. Now please take care of yourself.

  4. Thinking of you and your sweet Ballie .... Glad he is doing better!

  5. He sure loves those chippymonks! Treasure every day you have with your ballycakes!

  6. It is really tough when our sweet pets start having major health problems. We really have to enjoy the time we have with them. Mallery has progressively got worse since she was diagnosis with collapsed trachea, four years ago. I like you, do not look forward to the day I will need to let her go. Give Ballie a big hug for me and I hope I will get to see him this summer.

  7. So sorry I didn't get to meet Baillie at New River. He looks like a beautiful AND intelligent animal. 16 years. That's a wonderfully long life. So happy he's eating again.

  8. So sorry to hear about Ballie's medical condition. My fingers are crossed that he is recuperating quickly. What a sweet boy! Sending hugs and warm healthy wishes for both you and Ballie boy.

  9. I'm glad that Ballie is feeling better. He must be happy looking for the little chippers.

  10. Glad to hear that Ballie has improved Dawn. He looks cute in his little purple harness. I kept several cats going by hydrating them myself. Quality of life is everything and Ballie looks much better.

  11. It is a tough time indeed, prayers for you & Balliecat.


  12. I'm so Happy Ballie is doing better...he is so huggable adorable!!

  13. So pleased that Ballie is doing better, good for both of you. Happy that you are getting the opportunity to enjoy this time with him, he looks so much like my Pixie,a big ball of cuddlesome fluff! :-) Lisa Salt

  14. Good news on your cat. We gave an appetite stimulant to one of our cats who seemed on his ninth life and it gave him two more good years.

  15. Happy that your Dearest Ballie is doing better. Sending lots and lots of love to both of you! xoxox


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