Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mute Swans and cygnets

Howdee all,

A week ago I saw this group of swans in New London.Swans_20090712_001

And I am wondering why the cygnets keep a leg on their they get tired easily? are they just resting? I know one of my Birdie friends can tell me.

See the dark one with its leg on it back?Swans_20090712_002

And why is one cygnet so much darker?


I never noticed the adults doing I am assuming it is something the young does. Swans_20090712_003 So ..thank you in advance..for I know i will get an answer here..You guys are like Google without Googling! tee hee..

Off for a Spa little sister turned 50 this year..and we are celebrating!

Click on this photo below to view more birds!

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  1. I believe that the difference in color of the cygnets is really just the color phases, which is linked to a recessive gene.

    The leg on the back - this appears to be similar to the behavior we see where birds stand on one leg to regulate temperature.

  2. Hey Dawn... Birdingdude is probably right and I know nothing about birds except they are wonderful to watch but my thought was to keep turtles and fish from nibbling at them... ha ha HAve a spatastic day!!!


  3. Here is what I've found out about the leg thing (I have wanted to know also because the one I've been photographing has been doing the same thing):

    Swans have a habbit of resting either of their legs on their backs. Unfortunately, those who have not seen this before, frequently think the leg is injured as a result. This is mainly to do with heat exchange and rest. Swan have been known to hold a leg on its back for over an hour, even when swimming or being chased by other swans too.

    Always a beautiful bird to see Dawn.


  4. Gosh that was pretty interesting...I 've never seen them with their foot on their back..but now I will have to look the swans at our park.'s probably just the way those little ole youngsters show off to the old gander..knowing he couldn't get his foot on his back if he wanted!
    Neat post!!

  5. ...and all this time I just thought they were doing yoga! :-) Cute little ones!

  6. Hey Dawn, others got first but I never saw that before with the legs - googled it:


  7. That is very cool. It reminded me that I used to do dishes standing up with one of my feet, it didn't matter which one resting on the side of my knee. I don't do it anymore either. Hummm.

  8. Very unusual leg action. Learn something new every day. You'd think swimming with only one leg would cause it to go in circles. LOL!

  9. Those babies were so silly looking with their legs on their backs. I'm glad you found some answers.. And thanks for the Spa day.. It was Great!!

  10. I learned something new--that's great. I didn't know about swans doing that or why.

  11. Thanks Guys! I knew I would get my answers from you all!
    Love my blogger buddies!

  12. Educational blogging! Seeing that leg hiked up on their back like that doesn't look particularly restful to me, but it must be a swan thing.
    Great post and comments Dawn.


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