Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Digiscoping with Jeff's new Canon A590

Howdee all,

As some of you know I recently purchased a few cameras. My camera that was used for digiscoping died because of water damage..taken while i was crossing a log for a Morel mushroom. I purchased a camera for birding for myself, Canon SX1 and one for Jeff and myself to use digiscoping, the Canon A590. I still am waiting for the Panasonic lumix camera that I will carry with me daily..cant find the model I want in stock anywhere.

So Jeff was playing around with the Canon A590 and took a few nice shots.

Nesting Least ternIMG_1101 IMG_1104 Black-backed Gull

IMG_1114He wanted to capture the red eye ring..IMG_1118 And he did..IMG_1119

Check out other Digiscoped images at..


  1. very nice- so your new camera mounts on the digiscope well? my digiscope is cheap bt found very wobbly and unable to get a good pic

  2. ...very cool. I'd like to start digiscoping to be able to capture those far-off images I can only see through my binocs. I know nothing about digiscoping and need to practice. I gave my husband a telescope years ago and it has a camera adapter thing...I think! Maybe we can give that a try!

  3. Wow some cool pics there Dawn! i really have to invest in a Camera1 Be Well mate!

    Phillip Dews

  4. What a close up! Like looking face to face!

  5. Those are so great! I keep wanting to try digiscoping, but haven't yet.

  6. Those are some really great shots. It looks like the black eyed gull could use some sleep, or some coffee :)

  7. Nice job capturing that eye ring! Keep up the good work.

  8. Good photos _ I wish I had had my older Sony with me when I went for the henslow's - I might have gotten something recognizable. Couldn't manage it with the "newer & better" model.

  9. Very nice photos, Jeff! I, especially, like the red eye ring of the black-backed gull. Digiscoping is on my list of "want to dos" some day. I seem to have a long list, esp after visiting experienced birder blogs, like yours ( your blog is so nice,so organized and, stills, etc.:-) but I'm still having fun with all those newbie adventures of a beginner!
    Good luck, Dawn, on finding the camera you want!

  10. Sweet digi pics!Love those Terns.

  11. Looks like the camera experiments are coming along! Great images!

  12. Look at all your wonderful photos! Love the Terns. They're so sleek looking.

    Sorry to hear about your old camera Dawn. I dropped one of mine in a river years ago. It broke my heart. I'm MUCH more careful now as I'm sure you are too.

    Be on the lookout for sun tomorrow!


  13. Oh my goodness...! Nice photos! The red ring!

  14. You bought a "few" cameras. Oh... Nice shots digiscoping. Have fun with your new toys!

  15. Wow... that photo of the face and that red eye rocks!

  16. Great shots of the beautiful bird. You captured him so well.

  17. Which Panasonic Lumix you looking for?

    Have you tried B&H and Adorama?

  18. Nice pistures and the red eye one is great. I don't have a digiscope just a zoom lens. Am interested to see how it works with birding in the field. Looking forward to finding out on Sat.

  19. forestal
    I am posting today the attachment Jeff made for the scope and camera..while not perfect it works well.

    Yeah u would like digiscoping..gets u a bit closer..but you have taken some awesome photos lately..i cant get that screaming little blue heron chick out of my Gunnars I and the bird..too..U must sell that photo!

    Phillip Dews
    Yes you should get a camera..great fun!

    Yeah..thats the beauty of digscoping..u get allot closer..

    Jeffy thanks u sicksta!

    Oh u should try it..U would love it..

    Hee hee..well dont know if he drinks coffee..

    The Zen Birdfeeder
    Thanks..we will test it out a bit this weekend on our BwBTC outing,

    Chris Petrak
    Gee ..why would the old sony be better than the new one???

    Thanks so much..Gosh Tina..I never thought of your blog as being from a have excellent photos and stories..Hee hee..I am thinking of your photo of the piliated sticking their heads out of the tree..

    Thanks..have a great vacation

    thanks vickie..

    A New England Life was crappy to loose my camera..I loved it..but onto newer..hopefully better.

    Mary red ring huh!

    yeah a few to play with ..two for now..thanks

    Yeah we were pleased..I never saw that before!

    Thanks so much!

    looking for the DMC ZS3 not in stock anywhere!

    Howdeee can check it out for sure this Sat. see u then!

    Thanks muchly!

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!


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