Monday, July 13, 2009

#BwBTC outing Stratford Ct.. Scotts world

Howdee all,

We have moved from Milford Pt. to Stratford, Ct. Where we went to Great Meadows Marsh division of the National Wildlife Refuge managed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Scott who is employed here joined us and with Luke showed us around the area.

We birded several areas..Long Beach Blvd. pond, the railroad trail, the warehouse pools, and Great Meadows  BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_013  Birding the pond BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_016

yeah..we talk allot…here's proof!

We do actually look at birds.

Egret RoostBwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_020Ok my photos of birds on this trip suck. You can go here or here to see better photos that aren't mine.BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_015  Jeff as Safari Man in his white towel

BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_022

Wild Red Raspberry click on the link to read more.BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_024

    Birding a large meadow

Saltmarsh sparrows in here..BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_028  We took the Railroad trail. Hi Luke!BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_029A beautiful but invasive plant.Paulownia tomentosa Thanks for the link Laura!BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_051 Does anyone know who lives in this?BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_030 Throughout the Railroad trail we saw holes with what looked like white curled up paper beside them. Scott told us there is a problem with the raccoons digging up the eggs of the endangered Diamondback Terrapin turtles. For some reason the raccoon left this egg…BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_048need some Id help..I know Sicksta Lori is a pro at Id..anyone else? BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_033I thought this grass was sweet..

looking from above the grass down into it..don't know what this is yet either.will post as soon as I can ID it.BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_036

Where oh where is the Marsh Wren?

Viewing Platform..  Birdspot saying hello! Have you see her artwork? Simply beautiful!

That's Scott with the navy cap and clipboard…he's working.

Scott is a conservation biologist for CT Audubon working on a BBS all summer in the preliminary Stratford Important Bird AreaBwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_038 Bev..I  know you took some photos…where are they?BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_041 BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_044 BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_043The group, minus Chris who left us early to be with his family.

BwBTC Milford,CT _20090711_040

Front Dan

Second row. Catherine, Christopher,Scott, Bev, Paul, Dee, Jeff

Back Larry, Mark,Luke,Laura,Cindy

and me…the photographer!

Stay tuned for part 3

Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison,Ct.


  1. Luv the photos and writeup. Looks like the group had a really good time as always.

    I believe your mystery plant is some type of Milkweed?

  2. Loved the videos and pictures. It's so nice you are meeting up with others that share you love for birding. Did you ever see that Marsh Wren that was hiding?

  3. Cool you guys found out about the funky plant = too bad is invasive,

    how big is that thing hanging ? looks like a cocooning caterpillar

    and you said artwork- i hadnt looked at the archives on Catherine's site before - holy smoke - amazing stuff - wish i could do that (my wife can and tries to teach me but oh well)

    cheers Dawn - tell Jeff happy b-day :)

  4. You are really doing an excellent job of writing up the day! You got lots of fantastic photos (and not just of the birds which I think is really great)and the videos really help to bring it all together!

    Once again, thank you for being the driving force behind these gatherings, and doing such a wonderful job organizing as well as writing them up.

    Wish I could join you on all of them!

  5. Looks like a great birding day. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Great shots of a fun outing. I have written up several blog posts and am not happy with any of them. I'll keep at it.

    Yes the pink flower is milkweed, BTW.

  7. Mom loves those wild raspberries. It's cool how they have the covering over them while they are growing and then open for a lovely berry. We have some growing in our yard too. The cocoon looks like a Mourning Cloak cocoon.
    The old flower spike looks like it is from a non-native grass (this is from a really quick search) here is a link with photos (of sea barley grass. It looks pretty close to your photo.

  8. Great post..looks like a lot of fun..who did live in that nest??

  9. Egrets roosting just crack me up. To me, they are the most improbable birds to see perched high in a tree. Nice shot!

  10. What a great post... Loved the pictures and the little story to go along with it... Looks like all had a funtastic day!


  11. Looks like a nice place to bird. Maybe you were ment to document the event instead of capturing the birds. Great job at it too. I really like the unknown grass shot. Have fun at new parking spot.

  12. Great post!
    To bad my work schedule prevented me from going.

  13. Great post Dawn. I didn't know the name of the place we were in at Stratford, but now I do. Love all the pictures of everyone.

  14. Yes the birders are just as important as the birds themselves. Fantastic job on both!

    Thanks..I thought it looked like milkweed ..but not the one I am used to seeing..will need to key it out!

    Thanks Sicksta..Never did see that darn little wren..

    Yeah too bad its invasive..its really quite pretty. Just spoke to jeff today and wished him happy bird day..tee hee..He saw the Bicknells today..What better gift than that on his special day.
    He is hiking in the white mountains.
    Good luck with the art projects.

    Thanks...I wish I could join all of them too..Ha..will miss your fun event at south hoo
    next year!

    Thanks...we should do a NC meetup..wouldnt that be cool!

    Thanks for the ID..looking forward to your blog post!

    Leave it to my Sicksta to know all the answers! Presents coming for you!
    I will write it up in the blog when I have time.

    Yes it was a blast..My sister said it is a morning cloak cocoon..

    Tee hee..I know what u mean..seems like they should be on the ground ..not so high in a tree.

    Thanks so much...glad u enjoyed it! We had a great time!

    I think u are right..I am so into being with the group..talking..taking photos of everyone..I forget about birds...LOL

    Someday...someday Andy will join us on an outing...

    Howdee..I had to write Scott to find out where the heck we were..LOL

    Thanks are correct...its all about the birders..who look at the birds!

  16. Looks like alot of fun. I specially like the marsh pictures. Oh and you said "suck". I'm tellin.

  17. If you do a NC meetup I want to go! Won't know a darned thing, but I promise not to scare the birds.

    I love following you, Adventure woman. So glad you blog!

  18. Wish I didn't miss it Dawn! Sounds like you had a nice day for early July. Luke is a fantastic leader. Hopefully I can join on the next one.

  19. Adele
    Shhhhh sicksta..dont tell mom.

    I think we should do a NC meet up for sure..We do more talking than anything on these trips..
    so dont worry about scarin the birds.

    Nick Bonomo
    We missed you! oh well next time! I know there will be a group meeting up somewhere in NJ or NY end of august ..if you are intersted give me a shout

    Bhavesh Chhatbar
    Thanks for the to you!

  20. You travel with such a big company!


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