Friday, July 17, 2009

Audrey Hepburn and Chewbacca Underwater

Howdee all,

I photographed this underwater rock about a month ago when we were at Good harbor Beach in MA. It reminds me of an old poster or photo..but I cant seem to find it..googled old posters and couldn't find it. Ok humor me..

She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn..

Hair up with Red Hat on thats tiped to one you look at it.. the eye on the left you can see..but have to use imagination for the eye on right..nose not seen..Lips red..and high collar red..

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_112 What do you think? Do you know a photo or poster..

That looks like this? Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_121

I really just loved the color!

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_111

and the fact that nature creates such amazing artGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_120

Chewbacca..taken the same know..furry star wars character…

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_122

And this…well it was just like this when I saw it…Made me smile…

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_139 Crab and polka dotsGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_126Do you look at nature and find art….and does it sometimes remind you of something you have seen in the past?

I do..

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  1. Cool, love the contrast of colors in the first rock. I still think she looks like the girl on the poster from Les Mis mixed with some other photo ha maybe Audrey.

  2. Oh ha I meant Les Mes what a dork

  3. The underwater rocks are amazing. All of these shots make me smile.

  4. I thought the same thing as Adele...she reminded me of the poster/book cover from Les Misérables. Chewbacca is dead on. Love that you saw his face and passed it on (one of my all time favorite movies!).

  5. Very cool! I see all that you are talking about. You always were very good about finding cool things in nature.

  6. Those are some awesome art pieces. I love the colours!
    And yes, that sea weed looks most def. like Chewbacca :D
    And how cool is that to find a smily at the beach :D
    Reminds me of a stone I found in Kuwait. It also had a smiling face on it :)

    (How comes that you can keep the fatbirder badge? They kicked me out,because I don't only post about birds :( )

  7. *WoooooW*
    You really looking at thing in a very different prespective then another people. Cool.
    Keep on doing that.
    See you around.

  8. Chewbacka I could see, but Audrey takes some imagination. And yes, I often find art in nature, looking for one thing and finding something else.

  9. Yes, I'm always looking at rocks, rivers, clouds and trees and viewing all sorts of intesting formations. Loved the photographs.

  10. You have quite an imagination Dawn. I could see Chewbacka and the smile in the sand, but try as I might could not see Audrey!

  11. LOVE THIS!!! Do more!

    I'm still looking for Audrey, too.

    Yes, I do it, too. Will have to show you some of my seashell gift tags I painted to look like Santa. I mean, Santa was already there, I just added a hat and a few dots for features. :) (I found Mary Todd Lincoln too but didn't think her an appropriate gift tag.)

  12. Yes, I see the face, and she reminds me of something I have seen. Somewhere. Sorry, no idea where.

    I like that "cartoon" of seaweed.

  13. I didn't see Audrey..left to clean and refill my hummer feeders and now I do see the face..I think. Chewbacca is right on. This is what I meant Nature Notes to be..seeing something you might have overlooked. Thank you for participating in Nature Notes Dawn...-Michelle-

  14. You really are finding art in nature. Love the colors of the pale bright green against the deep rust red.

  15. This was so interesting... Loved it!!! We often see art in nature and it makes it so much fun... Thanks for the fun today...


  16. tee he...good imagination!! I did see a woman's face and chewbacca..this is a fun thing to do with the grand kids too!

  17. I just looked through the first 15 frames and alas, never found a picture of Audrey that looked like your rock. You have such a good eye, I thought just maybe... Alas, no luck.

    In case you want to try:

  18. Adele,
    I think so far Les mis wins out..but I still think there is poster of picture somewhere ..that is so much like that rock art..but I searched High and low and cant find it..
    was hoping someone here would know what i was talking about.

    Good..I love to make people smile!

    yeah..I guess It must be Les Mis..but still have this poster or photo in my mind..maybe someday I will come across it.
    Chewbacca was a good one!

    cool may not be Audrey..but is a face..LOL

    Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the seaweed art.
    Hummn..not sure why fatbirder kicked you out? then not quite sure why I am still allowed on if that is the case. A while back he mentioned if you didnt have your logo in the correct spot..etc..he was taking people off..did u ask him?

    Yeah..I guess I do look at things differntly sometimes..Hope u could see what I was seeing!

    Chris Petrak
    Hee hee..I guess most of u didnt see Audrey..Chewbacca was pretty good..wonder what he looks like if the water were to flow in another direction.

    I guess thats why we have imaginations..Good to see you use yours too!

    Hee werent the only one who didnt see Audrey..Oh well...I will have to let people try my eyes on for size..LOL

    Hee hee..glad you liked it! Audrey is underwater..she must have floated away..
    Mary Todd lincoln! wow..must see that one.
    Oh..dont tell anyone..but I once pooped out what looked like a statue of lie..
    humm...I may regret saying this!

    Wanderin' Weeta
    Thanks Weeta for coming by and checking it out..Yeah ..I loved the cartoon too..of course you can probably tell me what all the seaweeds and little critters are in real person..I just make up names..:))

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Rambling Woods
    Oh cooll, did see a face..thanks for making a meme such as nature notes!

    Thanks! and thanks for stopping by to say hello.

    Thanks..glad you had where is your RV off to next??

    Yeah..I love doing things like this with kids..such great imaginations!

    Thanks Mary, I looked and looked but nothing..I am sure it is some sort of poster I saw as kid..I am thinking airlines or something..because of the hat shape.I continue to search!

    Thanks all..glad you had fun..

  19. That little crab really knows how to blend in! Beautiful colors!

  20. I saw the face :) but could not trace the poster your are looking for :(

    Bedse Caves

  21. LOL! You certainly do have an eye Dawn! I can sort of see it. Unfortunately I don't know what poster you're refering too but if it's Audrey Hepburn then it's surely a beauty!

    YES, I DO see Chewy! Haa haa!!! My husband does a great impression of him that always leaves me laughing : )


  22. letspaintnature
    yeah the cute little critter blends in nicely!

    Bhavesh Chhatbar
    Oh cool..u saw the face!

    A New England Life
    Hi Sharon..must be a great impression he does..

  23. Lovely nature art! I can see Chewbacca. Great photos!

  24. April..
    cool..glad u saw chewbacca! he is a

  25. Hey that's cool! I checked out quickly the blogs above and will have to go back and see some more of them later, thanks!


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