Friday, July 31, 2009

Chatham's Flowers…Chatham, MA

Howdee all.

A Morning walk around Chatham…always…beautiful flowers..

Hydrangeas a very popular flower for these beach homes.

The Blue are the most popular variety.Cape cod_20090730_014

Cape cod_20090730_015

Lots of pink flowersCape cod_20090730_016

Cape cod_20090730_017

We walk thru neighborhoods and then follow the road to the lighthouse..
Cape cod_20090730_019

and Lighthouse beach…or south beach..Jeff and I sometimes walk the 6 miles to the end of south beach to bird.  This year we will take the shuttle to see what shorebirds are migrating thru.Cape cod_20090730_024

Hydrangeas everywhere..Cape cod_20090730_028

Summertime in ChathamCape cod_20090730_027

  means FlowersCape cod_20090729_012

Cape cod_20090729_009

It also means other things to me..

Long stretches of beach, morning walks, hanging out with the fam., board games, shooting stars, coffee and scones, Lobster and fish, biking the bike trail.

Where do you go to Chill in the Summer?

We are here for a few more days before heading back to CT and then our journey west, to the mountains and mushrooms!


  1. I go to the beach to chill..I think I have seen you there also...:)

  2. I love chilli! oh, errr never mind...

    Great post and what a lovely walk!


  3. Lovely northern beach visit!

  4. Lovely beach area!! The Hydrangea blooms and Hollyhocks are gorgeous!

  5. The flowers were very lovely. Am liking this new camera muchly, how bout you? Colors are all rich and saturated and vibrant, even on a cloudy day. Blue hydranga means acid soil.

  6. Those blue hydrangeas are gorgeous! I rarely see blue flowers other than forget me nots and chicory.

  7. What beautiful flowers... No doubt about it Chatham is one beautiful place... Loved your photos... Have fun and safe travels...


  8. I have to keep better track of where you guys are - I was in Chatham Thursday! Hope you are enjoying the Cape.

  9. I want to live there. Those white picket fences with the flowers spilling over are gorgeous and soooo....east coast! I love it!

  10. Beautiful photos Dawn! Chatham is one of my favorite spots on the Cape. We sat in the parking lot across the street from the lighthouse during an intense nor'easter. It got to the point that I thought the car was going to take off in the high winds. It's was awesome!

    Sharon and I were married not far from there in South Yarmouth. Ceremony was held on the beach under a large gazebo.

    Have a great time!

  11. I love your flowering posts. This place is lovely! Makes me want to put up a picket fence.

  12. wonderful shots of the flowers Dawn

  13. I love those hydrangeas, Dawn. And I really love those hollyhocks. I grew a few of them when I lived in Albuquerque (in the late '90s). Unfortunately, I don't have either of them here in California. sigh.

  14. Thank u all for your comments on the flower photos!
    Chatham is a beautiful little town..crazy busy in the summer!

    @Mainebirder cool to sit near the lighthouse in a storm..we were there a few years ago in a small hurricane..very cool
    So nice you were married in South Yarmouth..beautiful!

    Thanks all of you..sorry I am not commenting individually..i am a bit overwhelmed with how far behind I am, in blog reading etc..

  15. Pretty flowers! Seems your garden was so healthy. Wish I can have a healthy garden too. I'm been looking for interesting topic as this. Looking forward for your next post. Keep posting!


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