Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blogging Day off ..for BwBTC

Howdee all,

Just a quick post before I go off with the family to the Sailfest in New London, Ct.
Jeff and I had a great time yesterday meeting other Birders, bloggers at the third BwBTC outing in Milford, Ct.
Dont have time to post it now.. but will do.
but here is one picture of the crew...Click on photo to get a better view!
I haven't had time to read blogs either and I need to catch up with all of you!
If you read this and have a new blog post I haven't read leave me a comment. I am still having a hard time organizing and keeping up with all the blogs I I miss a few here and there..and it makes me mad...Ha..
So leave me a comment and I will get back to you.
You Dont have to say anything ..just leave your link.
Catcha later..
Family awaits!


  1. Nice pic Dawn, my post is up with the list, and i went back to Hammonasset with the fam. today so putting up a 2nd post on that :)


  2. It looks like a fun birding group! Don't feel bad about catching up with blogs...experiencing life is more important. :) If you are ever driving through Chicago, please email me and let me know! It would be wonderful to do some birding in the local forest preserves. Have fun!!!

  3. Dawn, I think we are all in that same situation..summer is just a busy time.enjoy your time with friends and fam. Hope you are having great weather for your birdee get together!

  4. Dawn: Thanks again for organizing this! You have a natural gift from which we all benefit....
    Hey, nice photo! I think I will post it over my desk at work to remind me of more important matters!

  5. here is my comment on your blog. where is you comment on my new blog. ha

  6. Thanks all for understanding...I am slowly catching up with all of my blog reading now.


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