Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader

Howdee all,

Here's the second installment of Dawns Blogaholic weekly reader.

Just a few links this time so as not to overwhelm.

I also want to add something to this.

If you have an interesting blog or link to share..put it in the comment section, so we can all check out the link you are suggesting..and yes it can be your own!

I know, I know..I really am a Blogaholic, My greedy little mind is thinking I might find some new Blogs to read. Or maybe an older blog post that is yours that I haven't seen…So send it on down. I am a waitin.


Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader


This has been hitting the Nature airwaves and most people have seen this..But if you haven't..You must.. You Must!

(a pink bush katydid)

Pinkishly Outrageous!   by Jim from Ohio Birds and Diversity
and another account of the famous Pink Katydid

via Cheryl Harner of Weedpickers Journal

This thing is really should take a look if you haven't seen it..and read about its fame.


Here is another very strange thing ..

You really should watch her Video and then the video below hers explaining why this strange thing is happening to a Snail! Exciting yet Sad..and very weird.

brought to you by

Jennifer Schlick from A Passion for Nature, titled What the Heck!


Oh my,Ugh!  Who's gonna come back to this mess???

Red tailed Hawk makes a scene!
Via Sharon from A New England Life


Ok..enough of big birds leaving gifts and strange bugs and Parasites..

How about wonderful photos of

Big Brown and Little Brown…Thrasher
brought to you by Bird Girl from My Bird Tales


Two Young birders who Blog!

Meet them… follow them! Comment on their blogs to show you care.

This first young person is..

A twelve year old that goes by the name Bird World Blog
and his blog Bird Lovers 101


And a 15 year who's name is…

Tucker from Birding with Tucker

he “was one of about 60 lucky boy scouts from across America to be chosen to participate in a leadership hike through the mountains of New Mexico.”

and that is where he is now!


these are just two of the young birders that I follow..I am so impressed with these young people who bird and blog…

Do you have any young birders that you follow?

Share the link..You know me..I am always happy to read more….


This is just a sampling..…there are more artists..and photographers…and comedians…and so many amazing bloggers out there…

I cant give them to you all at once…so just wait…until next week…when i give you more..of

Dawns Blogaholic Weekly reader!

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Please check out the Nature Blog Network..a great network of Bloggers..Some amazing people! If you are a Nature blogger you must join!

Check it out and view some of the wonderful blogs!


  1. As usual, wonderful array of blogs - you are adding more to my list, tought to keep up reading them all, but tis fun. I love your idea btw of doing this rather than having to rt a ton


  2. Thanks Dawn for the wonderful Blogs to visit... I love birds and like articles and blogs about them. Thanks again


  3. Thanks for sharing...many many interesting blogs out there.

  4. Dawn,
    So glad you shared these! I'm always looking for new and fun blogs to read!
    :-) Shelley

  5. Once again - way cool finds :D
    Thanks for sharing :)!

  6. Thanks for the mention Dawn! I'll be sure to check the others out. I'm sure if you liked them I will too!

    Hope your rain has stopped. Odd thing, we had a really nice day here yesterday! Just a sprinkle. Man it's humid though!


  7. Thanks for sharing!
    I had very bussy months, but I'm trying to catch up with blogs and nature!
    Besos desde Perú,

  8. I enjoy this Dawn! Excellent resource and the links are lead to excellent reads.


  9. Hi Dawn,
    I visited quite a few but that pink grass hopper looking bug blew my mind!! Wow!! Thanks for sharing all the above sites..its always fun to see some new sites!! Hope your mid west birdee get together went well..sure sounds like fun!!

  10. Thanks Dawn, I loved the pink katydid and the brown trasher story. Always fun to discover new blogs! I look forward to your next edition.

  11. Brilliant tips!

    Hoping that one day my blog would make it:

  12. So many blogs... so little time..

  13. Thanks for including my zombie snail parasite post in your weekly reader!

  14. Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the links..I will be looking for a few links to add to my next Weekly Reader..
    Hope to find some you will enjoy!

    Your blog is always wonderful and interesting..that zombie snail parasite was so bizarre!


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