Friday, July 03, 2009

Wet Birds…

Howdee all

Its been Wet here in CT. You think you are tired of the rain…What about the Birds.

I filmed these Orioles from inside my parents home.

This photo is not the best clarity..but look at this wet face…LOL

around mom and dads_20090701_016 Wet heads…around mom and dads_20090701_019More wet heads..around mom and dads_20090701_023 Wet necks…

around mom and dads_20090701_024

So..I cant complain too much. At least I can eat where its dry.


  1. Poor wet little birdies - I'm so glad they found an umbrella.

    You asked about my slideshow. It's created using NextGenGallery, which is a plugin for wordpress blogs.

  2. Not even rain can keep these fellows from their jelly. Such a sweet little umbrella feeder helps a little! It's been high and dry here, but rains are moving in this afternoon. Our birds will be waterlogged soon too!

  3. Great shots Dawn. I put out about 5 lbs of seed yesterday and then it started flooding... Florida... You know how it is.


  4. Sorry to hear you have had so much rain. Where we were for a month, we had only about 4 days of rain or cloudy and cold. Other wise it has been great. It sounds like a lot of the country has been wet. But not where we've been. D

  5. LOL..we finally got some sun today after rain and rain and more rain. You should be getting your sun soon..

  6. Those birds are all wet. I was watering my front gardens with my wand waterer and had a nice time watching a hummer take a nice little shower while it was resting on one of my ironwork thingies.

  7. They are busy wet heads aren't they?

  8. Those are some wet birds and great pictures!

  9. Love the two under the umbrella! Could be singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain...

  10. A meal AND a place to dry off. What more could they ask for? Thank goodness the rain has FINALLY stopped for a few days!


  11. And to make it even worse for the poor souls... you get a beautiful day of sunshine and it warms up somewhat. Then, the next day, it rains and gets very cool and raw and they say it's going to last several more days.

    We are beginning to see nest failures here in Maine. Reports of Bluebird and Tree Swallow nest failures are up significantly. As far as Tree Swallows, here at home, we had one nest fail with 4 eggs. Another nest with 5 eggs fledged 4 young who have since left the area. The last nest 2 out of 4 fledged and are still nearby.

    Blowfly reports are also on the increase. These flies love dampness and attach their eggs onto fledglings. Bluebirds are dying because of the infestation.

    Sorry to be so gloomy, but weather can destroy an otherwise healthy nest and/or brood.

  12. Wren
    Yeah..I hope the umbrella helped this wet little birds. Thanks for the info about your slideshow..I googled it and I cant use it with blogger..I have used webshots and other slideshows..but I liked how yours looked on the page.

    Hope you are no longer high and dry there. Everyone needs a little rain..just seems like the north east has had more than their fair share.

    Craig Glenn
    You put out five pounds of seed? must have a ton of feeders out..and lots of hungry birds.

    Sounds like you are in the right place..just the right amount of rain. People here are just plain tired of the rain.

    Rambling Woods
    yeah we got some sun..actually a few days of sun and it was great.
    rain came back yesterday. a few days more and then clearing again.

    Thanks Dan ..

    Hey sicksta..glad to hear you are watering your birdies out for giant hummingbirds!

    Larry Jordan
    Yeah they sure are busy and wet>>>and funny looking>

    Thanks muchly.

    hee hee..thats it..singing in the why didnt I think of that..good one!

    A New England Life
    Yeah we had a few awesome back to a few days of rain..oh well..the birds got to dry off a bit.

    Wow! I had no I am totally depressed...poor birds have had a rough time this year..and we complain..I knew that nesting Loons and saltmash sparrows and others that nest at waters edge had problems with nest failure with all this rain...didnt think about all the others.
    thanks john for bringing it to our attention.


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