Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader..

Howdee all,blogaholic

So, as some of you know..I am a Blogaholic… I love writing blogs but ..I really love to read blogs..anything Bird/Nature.

I have been behind on my blog reading because my blogroll is longer than long. I am hoping that by having this as a weekly feature..I will be killing two birds with one stone…Ooops..that sure is a bad saying for a birder…

Anyway..what I mean is ,I can read all the blogs I love and also create a blog post to highlight some of the posts that I am reading… and maybe in turn….turn you on to some great blogs that I follow.

I don't know if this will become a weekly feature..but I would like to to be.

So here you go.. the first installment of..


Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader

1. Hee Hee There is a photo here in this post that I cant stop picturing in my head! can you guess which one it is? Thanks Kelly

2. ..Look at the pantaloons on this Backyard Surprise! This gal..beside birding, becoming a Master Naturalist recently, Has an Etsy shop and has just challenged herself to make 30 chemo caps in 30 days.. What a great gal! Will meet Ruthie in MN soon!

3. Allot said in one blogpost! Birds,dogs,Garrison Keillor! ..from Jays piece of heaven in North Carolina.

4. A painted sketch book of hummingbird banding! lovely and informative! Thanks Vickie!

5. A wonderful poem that reminds us that when the birds sing..Its Not for Us. Beautifully done Susan!

6. This gal never fails to crack me up! See who's stealing what in this post! Thanks Merrilee

7. Ok this is an oldie but Goodie..Sicksta dells lamenting when Jeff and I left after our month long spring visit.

8. I love to read Blogs of new birders…two that come to mind are this one and this one….Well they used to be new birders when I started reading…Now I feel like a new birder..they are teaching me! Thanks Dan and KIm!

9. Have you ever taken a Dead bird Quiz? They have them here at Seanet blog.

10. Wow..Check out these storm clouds! Great Photography here! Thanks John!

This is just a sampling..…there are more artists..and photographers…and comedians…and so many amazing bloggers out there…

I cant give them to you all at once…so just wait…until next week…when i give you more..of

Dawns Blogaholic Weekly reader!

This is my advert section …tee hee..

Please, if you are not a member of the Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp Website..Please Join..anyone is welcome. Its a great place to post your bird outings,meetings, Photos, share sightings, Video etc.


Please check out the Nature Blog Network..a great network of Bloggers..Some amazing people! If you are a Nature blogger you must join!

Check it out and view some of the wonderful blogs!


  1. Dawn...I love your Blogaholic Weekly Reader! You should definitely make it a weekly thing (I know it's a lot of work, but it's worth it). I found some wonderful new blogs to read! (Thank you for posting that cranky, hungry little fellow! I still go back to that photo and laugh too, and my friend has adopted it as his Facebook photo.)

  2. Nice list. Of course you know I did not go to all of them. Maybe not any of them ha. But if I wanted to I would or had time. I dont' even have time for my own blog. bloggedy blog blog

  3. Great idea and post, Dawn. And thanks for the mention! "Longer than long" is the right expression for the # of great blogs I'm finding. It is hard to divide time between the great people you meet in the nature network and creating your own blog. I was just thinking how nice it is that you can take this nature community with you anywhere you go!

  4. neat idea Dawn, and I may use your blog to help me keep up too, just not enough time in the day and lots of great stuff out there.


  5. What a great idea Dawn... I always like heading to new blogs and checking them out and what better way then with the recommendation of a fellow blogger... Thanks


  6. Thanks for the heads up for all those great blogs!
    Will get busy reading now :D

    (And add myself to the mentioned networks!)

    Have a great week!

  7. Cool idea Dawn. I will try to come back and read them all later. Gotta get to work now. Thanks for the list!

  8. A great idea--appreciate the references to blogs I don't know. Thanks.

  9. Wonderful way to highlight some wonderful blogs.
    Great idea. In the summer i have a hard time getting around to everyone. I seem to blog read when it is raining or too hot to dig in the dirt.
    Hope to visit these links soon.

  10. What a clever idea! I love it.

  11. Good idea Dawn. This is essentially. Dawn Fine's Blog Carnival. The difference from I and the bird, is that these blogs are actually recommended by the host. We know that there is a qualifed selection here.

    But as many already posted, will we/I take the time to read your suggestions. Hopefully eventually.....

    I noticed when hosting I and the Bird recently that it became much more interesting illustrating with a picture from the participating blog. This would be my tip to you.
    Promise, I will take a look at the posts one by one. Maybe some of your recommendations want to join the birdbloggers tweet club. Deadline tonight.

  12. Kelly
    glad you liked the weekly reader...will see how it goes..maybe I will have a few less links..dont want to overwhelm.
    That photo of yours is a winner!

    yeah Sicksta..LOL I dont have time either...I just dont sleep anymore!

    Yeah..longer than long..sometimes its overwhelming. I will do a few blogger vacations..if My blogaholic self can handle it.! Yeah the best part about this community is that it moves with me!

    Yeah need more hours in the day..maybe we should make a 48 hour day..tee hee

    Hope u got a few good blogs to add to your long blogroll :)

    Thanks Nicole..thanks for checking out the other networks too!

    Larry Jordan
    Thanks Larry...

    Appalachian Lady
    Hope u find a few more blogs that u like here.

    I hear ya...summer is busy! its almost time for my blogger vacation!

    Thanks! hope u find some new blogs here.

    Gunnar Engblom
    I know what u mean ...this is a trial to see who actually clicks on other links..I see a few..but like you said..not everyone will do it.
    So..I think I will take your advice and add pictures. Did you link to the owners source or download your own?
    Will do your tweet club in the future..just too busy..

  13. Oh Dawn, I'm so late, but special thanks for including me in your first weekly reader list! I feel very honored to be included with this fine group.


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