Sunday, June 07, 2009

Look whos coming to Dinner! BwBTC

Howdee all,

Well not dinner , but to....

The Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp, birding get together.

Christopher from Picusblog has been working on our itinerary..
check here to see what is planned so far.

We have a nice group so far.....and
Its not to late to join us! Just head over to Christopher's blog and sign up or send him an email.

Christopher from Picus blog Twitter Picusblog

John Briggs and his wife Sharon from Birding in Maine on Twitter MaineBirder

Laura & Mark from Interstitial Spaces on Twitter beeebuzzz , Strack16

Bev from Behind the Bins Twitter: BirdingBev Chirptracker Bevson

Catie from Birding Girl Twitter & Chirptracker: BirdingGirl

Janet Egan from Plover warden diaries Twitter hammerchick (working on Plum Island in the morning)

Andy from Nature Potpourri

Sharon from A new England Life on Twitter: ANewEnglandLife

Lauren from Worn Field Guide and on Chirptracker: Lakras

possibly Catherine from birdspot
Twitter birdspot

Jeff and myself

Hope you can join us!

If not...stay tuned for more
Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp...get togethers.


  1. Ha.. I was expecting to see a display of food and people eating.. Anyway, It sounds like your going to have a nice group of people for your birdwatching extravaganza.. Have fun!!

  2. Have fun.
    It's a bit far for me to come though maybe one day!

  3. Wish I could be there. Bar Harbor Birding Festival. Already planned before you started this.

  4. That sounds so FUN! Maybe I'll be able to join you one day.

  5. wow, I bet you are gonna have a great time.

  6. ...oh wow! Sounds like you will have a blast with all those birders who blog. If you ever make it to it again!

  7. A New England Life
    Me too! It will be nice to meet all of our fellow bloggers!

    Thanks sicksta..Sorry..I should have had picture of food for you..LOL

    Thanks..Maybe a trip to the USA for some birding is in store for you..

    Steve Ingraham
    So sorry you cant join us..
    Bar harbor is an excellent place to be.

    Lynne at Hasty Brook
    I would love to have you join us someday..Would love to meet you...does your trailer move..or just stay at hasty brook?

    Yeah ..thanks should be a blast...Maybe we should have a get together in your area sometime.

    Would love to have one there someday...I love meeting all my blrdie/nature blogger friends!

  8. You are going to have a great group! Hope I get to join in one of these days.

  9. sounds like a big time!

    Have lots of fun everyone!

    Craig Glenn

  10. I would love to join ,but i live far away from your country.

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  12. Greetings Dawn - Looking forward to Saturday and meeting you, Jeff, and others! Many Thanks to you Christopher for organizing the day! Nice work on the BwBTC button! Laura

  13. Nice blog Dawn,I like it.
    You fully enjoy,you have a great time.If i could be there i would join your team and doing fun with you.

  14. Can't wait. Great birds, crazy bloggers, it's like a mini vacation.

  15. Thanks for subscribing to Nutty Birder. I follow your blog through Blogger.

    This sounds like a very interesting idea, maybe I will have to try to plan one of these in the Midwest sometime!

  16. Here I am finally getting back to this post...and responding to you all..sorry!

    Yes..lets work on meeting in your neck of the woods someday!

    Craig Glenn
    Craig..we must plan one in Florida!

    USA Hotels
    Oh..sorry..maybe you will visit here sometime.

    Cant wait to meet you and all the other bloggers..I will pin you!

    Travel Business Consulting
    Would love to have you join us!

    I cant wait either! It will be fun meeting all of the bloggers whos blogs I read! see you soon!

    Rob Ripma
    a midwest get together would be great!


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