Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First Birds in flight!

Howdee all,

Yes that's right…I have finally been able to capture flight. I recently bought a new camera. Canon SX1 and I am loving the fast shutter speed.

As some of you know I was a simple point and shoot gal. This is still a point and shoot.

Running start

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_031With a Fast shutter speed. Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_032 ok…i know they may seem ordinary to you

Lift off

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_033 But it is a new discovery for me.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_034 I still don't know how to use all the controls on my cameraGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_035 But…I will get there…

In the meantime…

my first birds in flight…Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_036

I will be posting soon a few dates for Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outings.

Hope you can join us!

click on the link below to view more birds!


  1. FIRST!!!! Lovely pics sicksta. I especially love the flight from the ROCKS...but I bet you knew that already ha.

  2. great shots. those are the toughest type of shots

  3. Doing good with that new camera. They all take time to learn. Great captures of birds in flight. Even though I thought the first two were just walking on water. LOL!

  4. Lovely photos..I so need to learn how to use my camera beyond a point and shoot..I also agree with your indoor cat link....

  5. congratulations! You did well!

  6. Well done on the BiF. My first ones were all a blur. :-))

  7. I'm not sure I could capture that! Did you have to use a continuous shooting mode?

    You're getting it Dawn! Very nice Gulls in motion.


  8. Nice photos - birds in flight are a challenge for everyone but these turned out really well.

  9. Cool Post and some good pics! Glad you liked my Blog hun! I have backlink'd your blog on mine as well! laters Dawn!

    Phillip Dews

  10. You are indeed quite a shutter bird. Wait. . . it's bug, isn't it. Shutter bug? Anyway, you're GOOD!

    No blurs, no half bodies...and the water is perfect. We can see the shallows.

    Showoff. LOL!

  11. Great photos of the birds in flight. They're the photos I like best and couldn't achieve at all with my old camera - so I know how much fun you are having now. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great sequence of shots, Dawn.

    I joined your facebook group already, do I need to join here, too?

  13. Adele
    hee hee..I tried pulling those rocks out of the bring back for you..but..they wouldnt budge..sorry!

    Thanks..yeah they are tough..and actually seagulls might be some of the easiest..but i have to start somewhere.

    Ha..Yes this was all the same bird..from getting ready to fly to liftoff to flight..

    yeah..I will get there eventually..if only I would open that darn instruction book!

    Thanks so much...but It was the cameras shutter..

    Well these are my first clear birds in flight..tee hee..I do have others that are blurs...

    A New England Life
    I bet you could do the same...I was using the continuous shooting mode..Have you tried it?

    yeah I hope I keep getting better...But I do have to thank my camera, for without it I could not have done it..tee hee

    Phillip Dews
    oh thanks...and Thanks for the backlink..Cheers!

    Oh didnt see the thousands of photos i deleted with half birds ..blurs...half bodies and water that is not perfect..LOL

    Yeah..This new camera makes ALL the difference!

    Bob and Cynthia Kaufman
    You do not need to join here again to be a member of the facebook group.
    Glad that you joined!

    Thanks all..

  14. I love seeing birds in flight photos!

  15. Great job Dawn. I love the birds in flight too. Your only problem now will be: ADDICTION! Ha, ha, ha.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. letspaintnature
    Thanks..I will try to take more birds in flights for you if you keep painting..tee hee

    Larry Jordan
    thanks Larry..I think I am addicted!

  17. Adele has a one rocked mind. ha ha Good job on the picture taken. I think you will get better and better shooting those birds in flight..

  18. OH YEAH!! What a wonderful first shot of your first bird in flight. That camera ... wow - you've gotten some really nice pictures with it! Addicted? teehee .... (know that feeling!) Great addiction!


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